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Shocking Anorexic Model Details Pressure to be Thin

anorexic-model-inga-afterModel Inga Radziejewski had ambitions of walking the catwalks of Europe’s most famous fashion shows, a dream that forced her into an anorexic nightmare to meet the fashion industry’s weight demands. Now she is speaking out.

The 5-foot, 11-inch tall model starved herself down to a skeletal 98 pounds and a size 00, yet she says she was still turned down for modeling jobs because she was considered too fat.

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“I was incredibly skinny but at fittings for designers like Christian Dior the clothes were so small that even though I was anorexic, I still struggled to get in them – despite my measurements being 27in chest, 21in waist and 27.5in hips,” she told the UK’s Mirror newspaper.

“At the time I never thought anything was wrong with me, but now I can see that I was dangerously underweight. When I look back I’m horrified by the lifestyle I was living,” she added.

Inga decided to give up the catwalk and battle the disease, and now she is a size 12. She’s still able to find work as a model for magazines and other media, and occasionally does runway work, mainly in Asia.

She is a hardened veteran of the fashion industry, who walk runways for Christian Dior, Miss Sixty, H&M and Benetton and had a part in the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace.”

Inga Radziejewski in before and after photos

Inga Radziejewski in before and after photos

Even so, she was regularly told she was too heavy.

“At one job for a German TV channel I overheard a casting director say, ‘She has got a too-big ass.’ I was already very skinny, but it made me even more determined to stay slim and I found every reason not to eat.

“At my worst I was eating just half an apple a day and drinking lots of peppermint tea with brown sugar and I still thought I would get fat.”

Runway models across the industry tell similar tales of their efforts to meet the demands of fashion designers.


“I heard one girl say that she started throwing up her food three days before a casting and another said she was taking epilepsy medication to help her concentrate because she was so delirious from hunger.

“When I looked shocked all the other girls said they did it, too.

“In some ways it was very glamorous.” she says of her modeling life. “I lived in a hotel suite. But food was just not a subject anyone discussed. Not once was I asked if I’d eaten.”

The issue has long haunted the industry going back to the 1990s when the waif look swept fashion and helped launched models such as Kate Moss. But in recent years, even those standards of thinness no longer seem to apply.

The scandal erupted anew in June 2008, when Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova was blasted by the Brazilian press for appearing on the runway in a bikini with back fat, love handles and cellulite.

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr also caused a stir when she was photographed recently looking “shockingly” thin.

The controversy over Kerr’s emaciated look came less than a week after the fashion industry was rocked by another scandal over model Filippa Hamilton, 23.

A veteran of dozens of fashion campaigns and magazine covers, Hamilton was allegedly fired by fashion house Ralph Lauren for being too fat. She is 5’10” tall and weighs 120 pounds, measurements that she says are essentially unchanged since she was 15.

  • Liam

    this is very wicked gross. how can you do this to yourself? ladies, take it from me, this is gross. dont do this to yourself. no one would want you. not anyone.

  • billy

    these girls are HOT!, so girls who r over 100 pounds are fat theres no denying that

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  • Goat

    She is fat, around the hips. She might have starved herself, but she still has saddle bags. Some people just do not naturally have skinny bodies. And 28 inch hips??? No way. She’s lying. That picture of her naked clearly shows hips w/ saddle bags. She should have just lost 10 lbs and got her hips lipoed.

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  • camille

    if you’re not born thin then don’t even try to diet to the “extreme”, it wouldn’t look good, especially if you have big bones. not nice. XD

  • Leelee

    Pretty sure she couldn’t book jobs cause she fell off the ugly tree, not because she’s fat.

  • Esquee

    I don’t know what is more disgusting – the article, or some of the comments here saying she’s “fat” in “some areas”.

  • scrawnynot

    You should see what these women look like after starving themselves for years to look like pre-pubescent 12 year olds. An old bag of wrinkles with such bad osteoporosis that they look like the hunch back of notre dame. They age terribly and their ruining their health. Not to mention the casting couch. I would never want my daughter in this business.

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