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Michael Douglas Cancer Battle Serious, May be Getting Worse

Michael Douglas’ battle with throat cancer may be far more serious than he or his reps are letting on. Despite recent photo-ops showing him enjoying a family visit to Disney World in Florida, a new reports says he’s losing the battle with the dreaded disease.

Douglas, his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, son Dylan, 10, and daughter Carys, 7, spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the resort.

He was also filmed talking for the first time in weeks.

But the 66-year-old reportedly is still very weak, woefully underweight and fighting with his doctors over treatment, according to the National Enquirer.
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“Michael is continuing to lose his battle. He’s fought his doctors, who have pleaded with him to have a feeding tube inserted to help him put on weight. But he’s refused,” an individual, described as a “family source” told the tabloid.

Douglas was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer after a walnut-sized tumor was discovered at the base of his tongue.

Update: Michael Douglas Cancer Free; Click Here for More

In August, he appeared on the David Letterman show and discussed his cancer at length. He attributed it to smoking and drinking, and said at the time his odds of recovery were high, even though the cancer was advanced.

After undergoing eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the Oscar-winning star’s weight has reportedly fallen to 139 pounds from a strapping 175 pounds before treatment.

“The sores in his mouth and throat have made it tough for him to swallow food and keep it down,” the source said. “He thinks he can get by on aloe-infused water, which he drinks constantly.

When asked by Letterman whether his prognosis was good, Douglas replied “Um, no.”

But he said at the time he had an 80 percent chance of beating the cancer.

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  • Vicki T

    Michael Douglas is wise not to allow the stomach tube. My husband was diagnosed with the same cancer – the same time as Mr. Douglas. He had the stomach tube put in, actually gained a little weight, and completed his treatment with a good outcome expected.

    Two weeks after completing treatment my husband died due to complications from the stomach tube – aspiration pneumonia — not the cancer. It was a shock and I am sorry I encouraged him in getting the tube put in. I never expected him to die from the tube, especially when the prognosis for beating the cancer was so high.

  • Cindy L

    I wish him well and I am sorry for anyone who has to go thru chemo and radiation, it’s grueling. Not just on the patient but the caretakers, family and friends. Having said that, Mr.D’s prognosis cannot be as good as they claim. I don’t know if he’s trying to reasure his family, in denial or drs. are blowing smoke… Stage 3 throat cancer has about a 60% survival rate, for stage IV, survival rate is extremely low.. Michael himself has said he was late stage IV cancer.. Sadly, I think his days are numbered.

  • Allan O’Keefe

    Michael …. got virtually the same thing … just slightly ahead of you. Weight loss the most terrifying. Especially the loss of taste … everything tastes like it just fell off the bottom of your shoe. They stuffed a tube up my nostril … was extremely painful and bloody useless. After trying all my good wife’s offerings, one day we actually found a dish I could taste. From there on in I started to gain weight. I had lost a lot more than Michael. So … stick with it Old Son. By the way, my magic potion ??? … for me, it was tomato soup.

  • David G

    I have the same cancer and in the same location. The VA pulled all my teeth, have not replaced them, back in April 2010. Put in the PEG a week later. I have not been able to eat solid food because of no teeth. I don’t have the funds to pay to have false teeth. The last week of treatment my wife and friends thought I would not make it. It was a battle to survive. I finished up my treatment June 29th,2010. I’ve gained a little weight on the PEG but now I am loosing weight again. The VA furnishes me 6 cans of Ensure per day. I have no taste anymore and drink water all the time because of dry mouth. Lost my full beard and now only have a mustache.

    I would love to sit down in McDonald’s and eat a hamburger and I hate McDonald’s. Just miss eating solid food.

    I use to smoke but quit when I was told I had cancer. I’m also 66 years old.


    Dear Michael
    My wife is going through Cancer, and we paray devoutly, that your is gone. Your a great man, and I have worked with you on several films, and know what kind of person you are. You WILL beat this, and be the same, handsome star for a long time. My prayers go to your wife, and tell her, I know what she is going through. God be with you, Luck has nothing to do with it.

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  • Rod Stock

    I was very touched when hearing about Mr Douglas’s throat cancer. My tongue cancer was diagnosed October 17th 2010 after months of reassuring stories from my ex-dentist in Geneva that it was only a painful soar and would heal… (we shall meet again in court) pain took me to hospital and discovered I had a stage 3 tongue cancer extended. I lost half of it in surery (I used to be a radio speaker and journalist) heavy chemoradio therapy, went through the feeding tube due to intense post radiation ulcers, lost 18 kgs. I have been fighting hell to stay on my feet, my daughter is only 13… I found out this week that I now have mandibular osteoradionecrosis, a dreadful complication. I am 53 and a 5 year survival is 30%. How does a sloppy dentist pay that back !
    With all the exceptional entertainment that Michael Douglas has given us and much more to come I hope, I wish him the best luck in a battle I know.