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Bernie Sanders Won The Debate But Mainstream Media Lies And Claims Hillary Clinton Won

who won debate bernie hillary

Mainstream media outlets CNN, Slate and Time were slammed for proclaiming Hillary Clinton had won the first Democratic debate, when their own online polls showed Bernie Sanders was the clear winner among voters. (Image: Brendantheraven/Imgur)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the Democratic debate Oct. 14 according to every major online poll, but mainstream media editors and pundits insist former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the winner.

The baffling mischaracterizations had many Twitter users furious that the biased mainstream media is lying to readers about the true outcome of the first Democratic presidential debate.

The pattern was first noted by Imgur user BrendanTheRaven, who posted a graphic contrasting the media headlines about who won the debate against the press outlets’ own online polls.

Time debate poll

Editors at,, and all declared Hillary Clinton the winner, even though Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary in the websites’ own polls.

Sanders, a self-declared Democratic socialist, was also declared the winner by Google Trends, which confirmed Bernie was the most-Googled candidate in every state following the debate.

Sanders was also the most tweeted about and most widely discussed Democratic candidate on Facebook both during and immediately after the debate.

The glaring disparity between the Internet polls and media editors’ assessments disgusted Twitter users. “It’s getting harder for mainstream media like @CNN and @Slate to lie to us, but they still try,” wrote one user. #FeelTheBern.”

Another added: “Mainstream media = corporate/big money tools. You know Bernie won.”

time hillaryAs the 2016 presidential campaign kicks into high gear, several new books have painted a damning portrait of Hillary Clinton as a psychotic, abusive, power-hungry maniac.

Hillary views on major political issues have flip-flopped over the years, depending on which special interest group she’s pandering to. In 2003, Clinton said she was “adamantly opposed” to illegal immigration and derisively characterized Latinos as yard workers and domestic servants.

Hillary has since reversed course, in a bid to pander to the sizable Hispanic voting population as she runs for president.

The Clintons’ former press officer, Dee Dee Myers, former Secret Service agents, and numerous White House staffers also told political strategist Roger Stone and journalist Kate Andersen Brower in separate books that Hillary routinely used to slap, scratch and hit Bill.

“Hillary Clinton has a long history of being domestically violent with Bill,” Stone wrote in The Clintons’ War On Women. “Hillary has beaten Bill, hit him with hard objects, scratched and clawed him, and made him bleed.”

hillary clinton domestic violence bill clinton

Hillary has a long history of physically beating Bill up behind closed doors, numerous aides confirmed in three separate books. (Photos: Skyhouse, Facebook)

One notable incident allegedly occurred in 1993, when Hillary discovered then-president Bill had entertained Barbra Streisand at the White House. Hillary, who had flown to Arkansas to be with her dying father, flew into a rage when she learned Streisand (an ardent admirer of the philandering Bill) had spent the night at the White House.

Reporters later asked about an ugly scratch on Bill’s neck shortly after the incident. Bill’s former press officer, Dee Dee Myers, told reporters the president had cut himself shaving, but later admitted she had lied to cover up for Hillary.

“I’m the idiot who said he’d cut himself shaving before I’d seen him,” Myers said in 1999. “Then I saw him. It was a big scratch, clearly not a shaving cut. Barbra Streisand was clearly around at the time.”

main-qimg-603587d6f1f6f0f665cdefdeb2275096The Clintons’ epic fights often ended with broken glass and shattered dishes left behind in the aftermath.

“When [the fight] was over, staff members found broken glass, smashed dishes and a cupboard door ripped off its hinges,” Chris Andersen wrote in American Evita: Hillary Clinton’s Path to Power.

Anderson said Hillary often attacked Bill in the presidential limousine on the way to official state functions. “[She would throw] yellow legal pads, files, briefing books, car keys,” wrote Anderson.

Things got even murkier at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Kate Andersen Brower, author of The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, said Hillary made Bill bleed after hitting him with a book during a heated argument.

“One staffer told me they were called up to their bedroom and they found this blood on the bed,” said Brower. “The president said he had run into the door in the middle of the night, but rumor was she clocked him with a book.”

monica lewinsky

Ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky often performed oral sex on Bill Clinton in the Oval Office and got her blue dress stained with his semen. The Clintons’ vehement denials of these facts led to an investigation that cost taxpayers $80 million.

Hillary, 67, has denied being violent with Bill, 69, saying if she had wanted to hurt him, she could have.

“I have a pretty good arm,” Clinton told CNN. “If I’d thrown a lamp at somebody, you’d have known about it.”

In the United States, one in 7 adult men has been the victim of physical violence by a romantic partner, according to the CDC. These men don’t fight back because they’ve been socialized not to “hit a woman,” and often don’t report the abuse out of shame and embarrassment.

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