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Hillary’s Earpiece: NYPD Sources Say Clinton Was Coached During NBC Forum

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‏Hillary’s earpiece was noticed by many Twitter users, who opined Clinton was coached on her answers during the NBC News commander-in-chief forum hosted by Matt Lauer. (Image: @Maxinerunner/Twitter)

Hillary Clinton wore a tiny earpiece that she used to get coaching while responding to Matt Lauer’s questions during the NBC News commander-in-chief forum, according to a new report.

Sources at the New York Police Department told True Pundit Hillary wore an “inductive earpiece” to receive feedback from her handlers during the forum, where she was grilled on why she compromised national security with her use of an secret unsecured email server.

NYPD insiders say Hillary’s earpiece is similar to the type widely used by Broadway actors to get fed lines when they forget their script during a live performance.

hillary's earpiece hillary clinton health brain damage

Hillary’s earpiece became a trending topic on Twitter as voters questioned if Clinton is a Manchurian candidate being controlled by liberal billionaire donors like George Soros. (Twitter)

Tiny, flesh-colored earpieces like the one Hillary allegedly wore are only available to law enforcement personnel, according to TruePundit:

“Most of the units this size, approximately 3mm or comparable to a small pearl stud earring, are normally issued to law enforcement or corporate security teams. At a size that small, the earbud is designed to sit inside the opening of the ear canal, almost invisible to anyone.”

Sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed the earpiece and made #HillarysEarpiece a trending Twitter topic.

Jared Wyand, founder of, tweeted: “This fraud was out there getting coached.”

Actor James Woods added: “She can’t even #lie without help from a gaggle of other #liars through an earpiece.”

hillary's earpiece wikileaks emailBefore people dismiss James Woods’ observations as one from yet another uninformed celebrity, it bears noting that Woods attended MIT and has a reported IQ of 186 (genius level is 145).

Interestingly, a 2009 email to Hillary from her top aide, Huma Abedin, suggested Clinton has worn earpieces before. Hillary is not known to be hearing-impaired.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s rep denied Hillary wore an earpiece at the NBC News Forum.

The Hillary’s earpiece controversy comes amid lingering questions over her health. Hillary suffered two hacking coughing fits on the campaign trail Sept. 5.

Hillary’s first wheezing coughing fit which lasted for almost 4 minutes began when she was speaking at a rally in Ohio (see video).

Hours later, during a press gaggle aboard her new plane, Hillary erupted into another uncontrollable coughing fit while discussing her email server scandal and the recently released notes from her FBI investigation.

While Clinton and the pro-Hillary networks CNN and MSNBC have dismissed the health concerns as conspiracy theories, disturbing reports indicate Dr. Drew Pinsky was fired for even suggesting Hillary may have suffered brain damage after her 2012 concussion and 2013 brain blood clot.

Dr. Drew was viciously bullied by CNN executives, who pressured him to retract his comments questioning Hillary‘s health.

When Pinsky refused, he was fired from CNN sister network HLN, which cancelled his TV show “Dr. Drew On Call.”

hillary clinton brain damage hillarysmemory hillarys health hillary's earpieceRenewed concerns over whether Clinton suffered brain damage have also heated up after Hillary herself blamed her 2012 concussion for her inability to remember whether she had been briefed on how to handle classified information.

An FBI summary from Clinton’s 3 1/2-hour interview on July 2 showed Hillary said “I don’t recall” or “I don’t remember” 41 times when asked about her unsecured email server.

In a 2015 letter, Clinton’s doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, said Hillary suffers from hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland).

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

  • Memory problems
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression.


Biographer Ed Klein, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, said Hillary suffers from memory lapses, exhaustion, depression, hand tremors and blinding headaches.

Repeated bouts of insomnia have “sapped her energy,” Klein wrote in Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary. “She is exhausted and depressed a lot of the time.”

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