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Arcan Cetin Is Muslim Falsely ID’ed as Hispanic By Pro-Hillary Media: Latinos Demand Apology

arcan cetin muslim washington shooter muslim is hillary supporter

Arcan Cetin, the Muslim Turk and Hillary supporter who gunned down five people at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, was falsely identified by pro-Hillary media as “Hispanic.” Latinos are now demanding an apology. (Twitter)

Arcan Cetin, the Muslim Turk (and Hilary supporter) who was arrested for the Cascade Mall shooting, was falsely identified as “Hispanic” by pro-Hillary media, fueling volcanic outrage among Latinos on Twitter.

Many Hispanic voters rightfully demanded an apology for the false characterization of Arcan Cetin as “Hispanic” by media outlets such as the pro-Hillary Seattle Times.

“Arcan Cetin is not Hispanic. I expect an apology to the Hispanic community by the sick media,” Irma Hinojosa tweeted.  “We all knew he’s Muslim.”

muslim arcan cetin called hispanic latinos furiousAlex Hernandez chimed in:

“MSM [mainstream media], where in Latin America is Turkey exactly?”

arcan cetin is muslim from turkey misidentified as hispanicStill another angry Twitter user observed:

“The Cascade mall shooter was a Hispanic male until they had to release his name: Arcan Cetin. #LyingPress vs. Reality.”

Sadly, the media narrative that “Arcan Cetin is Hispanic” was perpetuated by Washington State police, who admitted during a press conference that they assumed Cetin was Hispanic because surveillance photos showed he had dark hair.

arcan cetin is muslim turk cascade mall shooterReally?? Is that all it takes for the police and media to assume a mass murderer who gunned down five innocent people is “Hispanic?”

And yet, police and the media drag their feet at admitting that a radical Islamic terrorist who pledges allegiance to ISIS, praises ISIS leaders, and explodes a suicide bomb is, in fact, Muslim.

latinos for trump furious that muslim arcan cetin IDed as hispanic

A Twitter troll even tried to float the rumor that Arcan Cetin is a Donald Trump supporter when, in fact, he supports Hillary Clinton.

“I vote for Hillary Clinton,” Arcan Cetin tweeted in January 2015.

Hillary has yet to disavow Cetin’s endorsement (since she doesn’t want to lose a single vote).

arcan cetin muslim cascade mall shooterCetin’s endorsement is hardly surprising, since Hillary wants to increase by 550% the number of Muslim refugees admitted into the United States despite an FBI admission that they are unable to properly vet refugees for terrorism.

Hillary’s Muslim importation plan would radically change the demographic and electoral makeup of the United States to resemble the “New Europe,” which is being ravaged by terrorist attacks and a Muslim rape epidemic.

If Hillary gets elected, the New USA will resemble what the October 2016 issue of National Geographic calls the New Europe:

national geographic new europeans are muslim

Mass Muslim migration is radically changing the demographic makeup and traditional cultures of European countries like France, Germany, Sweden and England. (BoardIsGreat/Imgur)

In his novel Submission, French writer Michel Houellebecq imagines a dystopian future in 2022, where France’s Islamic party comes to power and Sharia law becomes the law of the land.

Women are forced to wear hijabs and aren’t allowed to work outside the home, Jews are encouraged to emigrate to Israel, and non-Muslims are forbidden from teaching.

europe is the cancer muslim is answer muslim rapeWhile the book “Submission” is meant to be satirical, such a new world order is not far off given how things are going now.

As radical Islamic terrorism and the Muslim rape epidemic roils Europe and threatens to come to the U.S., it’s time politicians put public safety above political correctness.

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