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Amazon Deletes Bad Reviews of Hillary’s Book: ‘Stronger Together’ Sold Only 2,900 Copies

hillary clinton book stronger together bad reviews poor sales

Amazon, which is owned by Hillary supporter Jeff Bezos, deleted hundreds of scathing reviews of Clinton’s book ‘Stronger Together,’ which sold just 2,900 copies its first week. (Photos: Amazon, Instagram)

Amazon deleted hundreds of negative reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book, “Stronger Together,” which sold a dismal 2,912 copies during its first week.

Stronger Together, which Hillary co-authored with her running mate Tim Kaine, has been barraged with terrible reviews since going on sale Sept. 9.

To date, “Stronger Together” has 3,043 reviews, 89% of which are one star.

Fortunately for Clinton, Amazon (which is owned by Hillary supporter Jeff Bezos) deleted almost 1,000 negative reviews in a failed bid to fool customers, the Daily Mail reported.

However, Amazon customers quickly noticed the rigged, deleted reviews (Hillary and her friends all seem to love mass-deleting things).

hillary clinton book bad sales amazon deletes bad reviews

“Hmmmmm, what happened to all those other reviews? Apparently Clinton has friends at Amazon,” wrote one reviewer.

Another noted: “Every time I write my [one-star] review it gets deleted. It’s so weird.”

One reviewer joked that “Stronger Together” may be the first book ever to have more bad reviews than actual sales.
hillary clinton book stronger together review amazon
In “Stronger Together,” Hillary lays out her plans for America if elected president.

The book doesn’t explain how her “new” approach would be different from the past 30 years she spent doing nothing of note as a career politician.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm gap that has plagued her poorly attended rallies has also infected book sales, which are ridiculously low for someone dubbed the “most famous woman on Earth.”

hillary clinton rally philadelphia stronger together

Hillary Clinton has 9.14 million Twitter followers (who knows how many of those are bots?), but less than 3,000 people total bought her book?

What does that say about the upcoming election?

Meanwhile, Hillary is basking in the afterglow of the first presidential debate, where she victoriously stood for 90 minutes without coughing, collapsing. or dying on stage.

A minor Twitter brouhaha erupted after observers asked if Hillary had a mini-seizure toward the end of the evening.

Top physicians, including neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and President Obama’s longtime physician, Dr. David Scheiner, have urged Hillary to get her head examined for brain damage.

“I think she should’ve had a thorough neurological examination in 2016,” said Dr. Scheiner, a Hillary supporter.

“We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability.”

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