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Hookers For Hillary, Alicia Machado Endorse Mrs Bill Clinton: ‘Whores’ Unite

hookers for hillary endorse clinton alicia machado porn

Hookers For Hillary, a group of Las Vegas prostitutes, endorse Hillary, saying her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency was “the most prosperous time” for them. (Moonlite Bunny Ranch)

Hookers For Hillary, a group of Las Vegas prostitutes, endorsed Hillary, saying her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency was “the most prosperous time” for whores.

One of the hookers, who calls herself Air Force Amy, empathizes with Hillary’s feminist strategy of using a man to further her career.

“I’ll stick by any woman that stands by her man in a cheating relationship so she can further her career,” Amy told TMZ.

While Air Force Amy never transmitted classified government secrets over an unsecured e-mail server in her bathroom, she likes Hillary because she, too, has had trouble with e-mails.

“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because I have just as much trouble with my emails as she does,” said Amy, who works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas.

Besides, Hookers for Hillary say women should stick together. “Women should help other women, right?” said one hooker.

Alicia Machado recently endorsed Hillary, saying Donald Trump’s fat-shaming after she gained 60 pounds shortly after winning the Miss Universe pageant in 1996 disqualifies him as president.

hillary clinton does not care about women hookers for hillary

(Image: Steven Crowder/Twitter)

Machado, who allegedly threatened to kill a judge in 1998 for indicting an ex-boyfriend who was involved in a murder, will never forgive Trump for allegedly calling her “Miss Piggy” when she gained weight during her reign.

At the time, Trump was the owner of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Alicia beat out beautiful women from 78 other countries who would have gladly maintained their weight to wear her crown and enjoy the fame Machado basked in after winning the title.

Juanita broaddrick slams Hillary Clinton on Twitter over Bill rapeMachado (see still from her amateur porn video) has now teamed up with Hillary Clinton to paint Trump as a sexist in order to win over female voters, who are not enthusiastic about Hillary.

Alicia is using her newfound fame from attacking Trump to promote her new perfume, which she’s shilling on Twitter and Instagram.

porn star alicia machacho slams trump to shill perfumeHillary has spent tens of millions of dollars in TV ads slamming Trump as sexist, even though he is the first GOP presidential candidate in history to have a female campaign manager.

While Hillary holds herself out as a champion for women, her history of maligning and discrediting women who were raped, sexually assaulted, or harassed by Bill Clinton undercuts her empty rhetoric.

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  • PaulInFville

    Alicia Machado is not a porn star, of course.