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Jennie Garth Rebuilds Life, Looks for Positive Energy in Man (photos!)

jenniegarth-healthmagJennie Garth is getting back to basics. Following her heartbreaking divorce last year, she’s learning how to date, what to look for in a man and “renewing healthy choices.”

The queen of 20-something sensibility when she starred on the hit show “90210,” Garth, 40, split from husband of 11 years Peter Facinelli, the “Twilight” actor, last March.

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Facinelli, 39, also immediately took up with a younger woman. He’s been dating actress Jaimie Alexander, 28, since late last year.

That left Garth, the mother of two children with Facinelli, a lot of soul-searching to do.

“When I’m in excruciating pain, like with what I’ve been through with my breakup and that grief and loss that’s just immobilizing, it helps to remember that it only lasts for 13 to 15 minutes, max. And then it’s over.”

Jennie Garth Shows Toll From Controversial Divorce Diet

“Your mind is ready to go to something else,” Garth continues. “You might come back to it, but it helps to just know that that pain is not going to last forever,” she reveals in the January issue of Health magazine.

Although she was blindsided by the divorce, she has picked up the pieces going into the new year.

“I’m learning to date again,” she reveals. She says she no longer puts a priority on looks. “I like positive energy” in a man, she adds.

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Garth lost 30 pounds after her split and vows to hold onto her shape. “Every day, I just renew my healthy choices,” she says. “I feel really good about myself now, and I don’t want to do anything to change that.”

She said she went through the retinue of fad diets, from Atkins to colonic cleanses. “I lost like 18 lbs., but it came right back. The worst was fasting with colonics for three or four days. It was the most horrifying experience ever.”

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