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Shakira Looks Frightfully Thin in Sexy Pregnancy Photos

shakira-babybump-frontLatin pop star Shakira is days away from giving birth, but looks scary skinny in a series of photos taken with shirtless Gerard Piqué, the father of her baby. Has she tried to keep off the pounds a little too aggressively?

At 35, the singer is a late-in-life mother. As such, the chances of a problem birth or health complications for her child are greater.

Shakira, Sexy But Is She Healthy?

Eating too little to avoid gaining weight could complicate things even more. Shakira has a bulging belly, but otherwise looks like she has virtually no body fat, signs that she dieted while she was pregnant.

Concerns about gaining too much weight can cause pregnant women to eat too little, in an effort to limit or prevent excess weight gain. Celebrities often fall into this trap because body image is so important to their careers.

Reality television star Bethenny Frankel gave birth to her daughter six weeks early. Some blamed her excessive dieting on an obsession with body image during her pregnancy.

While there is no set amount of weight that women should gain, there are some rough rules of thumb. Women are usually expected to gain between 25 pounds and 40 pounds, depending on their size and normal body weight, according to medical references.

A healthy weight gain helps prevent infections and birth defects in the baby caused by low birth weight. It also decreases the mother’s chance of complications from anemia and pre-eclampsia.

Shakira looks stunning in her photos. Let’s hope her vanity hasn’t overcome good sense in an effort to keep the pregnancy weight off.