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Jennifer Lawrence: I Have Uneven Breasts; What Causes It?

jenniferlawrence-kimmelJennifer Lawrence, one of young Hollywood’s hottest actresses, revealed that she’s far from perfect. She told Jimmy Kimmel last night that she has “uneven breasts,” something she learned after a doctor’s visit. It’s more common than you think. Here’s why.

Most women have what’s known as “asymmetrical breasts.” That is, one is larger, or shaped differently than the other.

“I just went to the doctor today, I got a chest X-ray of my lungs and discovered that my breasts are uneven,” Jennifer blurted out on the show. (see video below)

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Lawrence, who is just 22, noticed the difference herself and couldn’t help bringing up the subject.

“I was like standing there with these doctors and they’re like looking at my lungs and I just couldn’t… it felt like an elephant in the room. And I was like, ‘Are my breasts uneven?’” she recounted.

“And they were just kind of, like, stifled and uncomfortable, obviously. So I kept thinking, ‘Well, I’m gonna dig myself out of this hole by bringing it up again.’”

More women have the same condition than not. Asymmetry can be barely perceptible, or one boob can be half-again as large as its companion. The reasons vary, but can point to serious problems.

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Usually the breast on the side of the dominant hand will be slightly larger. Body misalignment is also a cause, usually brought on by bad posture, injury, bad sleep patterns, stress or disease, according to medical references. That usually leads to underdeveloped muscles and poor fat and body fluid distribution.

In rare cases, it’s caused by cysts or tumors, so dramatic differences should be checked by a doctor. Other than that, it’s a perfectly natural occurrence and largely cosmetic. There’s even a website dedicated to them,

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Surgery is possible in extreme cases. The procedure, known as a mastopexy, repositions the nipple and removes excess skin and tissue to create a more uniform looking breast shape.

Lawrence said she went to the doctor’s because of a case of walking pneumonia. She’s been going non-stop during awards season and has picked up a Golden Globe and SAG award for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.”

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