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Kris Jenner Has Machiavellian Traits Psychiatric Report Reveals

Robert Kardashian and his kids. Was Kris already out of the picture?

Robert Kardashian and his kids. Was Kris already out of the picture?

Kris Jenner has almost all the signature traits of Machiavelli’s dark Prince, according to a psychiatric evaluation reportedly conducted in 1990 as part of her divorce from late celebrity lawyer Robert Kardashian. Did she need them to get ahead in Hollywood?

Jenner, 57, has been in the spotlight for the way she’s managed the careers of her children, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

She’s taken her three relatively talentless girls and turned them into household names and major brands largely through endless publicity stunts and skillful manipulation of their reality television shows.

The Kardashian empire grew largely out of Kim’s scandalous 2007 sex tape with then-boyfriend William Ray Norwood Jr., also known as rapper Ray J. The tape was later sold to the public with Kim getting an estimated $5 million cut of the action.

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There have been reports that Kris pushed Kim to do a sex tape, after watching what a tape did for Paris Hilton in 2004. Then, she reportedly artfully leaked it, merchandised it and capitalized on the ensuing publicity to land a realty show with the E! Entertainment Network.

The rest, as they say, is history, but to get from one point to the other took a personality that was “narcissistic,” “demanding” and “manipulative,” according to the legal document, reportedly obtained by InTouch magazine.

Kris is described as “narcissistic… [with] a marked elevation of the narcissistic scale,” according to the evaluation. She was also described as being “demanding,” “manipulative,” and having “a Cinderella attitude where situations resulted in everyone living ‘happily ever after.’”

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Machiavelli reasoned in his 16th century political treatise that a “prince” should use every means at his disposal, including immoral and criminal acts, to gain or maintain power. Glory should be an end in itself. He also gave rise to the idea that “the end justifies the means.”

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