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Kim Kardashian Pregnancy, So Far, So Good: No Sickness, Fatigue

Kim Kardhashian kicks back in duJour magazine photo shoot.

Kim Kardhashian kicks back in duJour magazine photo shoot.

Kim Kardashian continues to work during her pregnancy, including a sexy new photo shoot for duJour magazine. And, says she’s been blessed so far with her baby –no morning sickness, no cravings, no fatigue.

Five days after baby daddy Kanye West announced the unwed mother’s pregnancy, it was business as usual with Kim.

She posed for photographer Bruce Weber in a white two-piece bathing suit and floral sarong.

Kim Kardashian Plays Tropical Princess

The reality star said she was portrayed as a “Tahitian princess” although the shoot took place in Miami. She wore light makeup and her hair brushed back.

Her pregnancy she said, is far different from what she thought it might be. “I used to always say I can’t wait to get pregnant because I will just eat whatever I want, but it’s completely different,’ she told the magazine. “I’m like, OK, I want to eat as healthy as possible.”

But Kim hasn’t given up on one of her vices, she still drinks lots of Diet Coke, although she’s trying to cut back with iced tea. Diet Coke is free of calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates, but it’s loaded with caffeine.

“Artificial sweeteners are a lot sweeter than regular sugar, on the order of 250 times sweeter, so that’s where the concerns came from,” according to Vasanti Malik, a Harvard nutrition researcher told Reuters.

Doctors advise pregnant mothers not to drink diet drinks because they significantly increases the risk of preterm delivery defined as birth in less than 37 weeks, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Women were 38 percent more likely to have their baby early compared with women who abstained. Women who drank at least four diet sodas each day, increased their risk to 78 percent, the study found.

But Kim shakes off any concerns.

“Lately I’ve been watching shows like ‘I’m Pregnant And Addicted To Meth.’ It definitely makes me feel better if I’m wanting one sip of Diet Coke or, you know, too much sugar. I’m like, This woman is on meth,” she says.

Kim has also hired celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson to help minimize her baby weight gain and has been hitting the gym regularly.

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