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Justin Bieber London Collapse May Signal Major Health Problems

Justin Bieber posted this photo on Instagram after his fainting spell in London.

Justin Bieber posted this photo on Instagram after his fainting spell in London.

Justin Bieber’s dizziness and breathing problems, which forced him to leave the stage during a concert in London, could be a symptom of any number of ailments, some of them serious like heart congestion, asthma and severe bronchitis, Or it could be from exhaustion.

While his faintness may be due to the old rock-star standby, “over-exertion” given the hectic schedule of his performances, his age is a troubling factor.

At 19, Bieber should be in the best condition of his life, especially given the way he’s been exercising. But lack of sleep, not eating properly and using drugs and/or alcohol can cause dehydration and fatigue, which could manifest itself as light-headedness or breathing difficulty.

While that may be the likely reason, it’s far from the only possible cause for his symptoms, which are also red flags for more serious conditions.

Justin Bieber Kicks Off Believe Tour; Gets Sick On Stage (watch)

Shortness of breathe and trouble breathing during exertion is also a sign of congestive heart failure. Again, his age would be a mitigating factor, but it wouldn’t rule out a congenital problem.

The onset of asthma could also be a reason. Asthma can strike at any age. While it’s exact cause is unknown, exercise is known to induce asthma. Some research has also made a connection between asthma and certain viruses like strep throat.

As a person ages, their immune system slowly deteriorates. Since asthma is an autoimmune disorder, Justin may be experiencing an onset now that he has reached adulthood.

Justin could also have the flu, which could cause similar symptoms, since we are in the middle of flu season. Plus, the flu can be a potentially serious illness if its ignored.

According to his spokeswoman, Justin was able to finish the show after taking a 20-minute rest and breathing oxygen. It was his third concert in a row at London’s O2 Arena. She confirmed that he fainted.

At an earlier show, he was more than two hours late taking the stage, which suggests he may have been ill.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun appeared on stage to explain why the show had come to a temporary halt. “Justin got very light of breath, the whole show he’s been complaining. He’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor,” he said.

“They’re telling him they want him to go and see somebody and find out what’s going on with his lungs, he’s just told me that in five minutes, if it’s OK with you guys, he’s going to come out and finish the show.

Bieber later reached out to his fans on Twitter. “Getting better. Thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. Best fans in the world. Figuring out what happened. Thanks for the love.”

A rep says he will perform at his last O2 Arena show tonight. Check out the video below and be sure to follow Celebrity Health & Fitness on Twitter for all the latest updates.