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Brooklyn Decker: How Marriage Has Changed My View of Beauty

Brooklyn Decker covers the UK edition of Women's Health magazine.

Brooklyn Decker covers the UK edition of Women’s Health magazine.

Brooklyn Decker has developed a new outlook on beauty since her marriage to tennis ace Andy Roddick. It’s not about looks and appearance, but about how healthy and strong you are, she says in a new interview.

Decker is a swimsuit model who has been transitioning to acting. She appeared in 2012’s “Battleship,” with Rihanna, and debuted in the 2011 film “Just Go With It.”

But she is probably best known as the cover girl for the 2010 edition of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She first appeared in the magazine in 2006.

Brooklyn Decker ‘Healthy’ Body

“The biggest thing for me about being with Andy is that athletes, in general, tend to appreciate different things about women’s bodies,” she explains in the new UK edition of Women’s Health magazine. “They’re not so concerned with how someone looks, more about how strong and healthy they are.”

“Marriage has taken the emphasis off my looks and appearance – the emphasis modeling ingrained in me – and given me a healthier outlook on the female form,” she explains.

For Decker, that means eating a healthier diet and avoiding temptations. “Imagine the best junk food you’ve ever seen, available 24 hours a day – that’s what [movie] sets are like,” she says. “My rule of thumb is that if I’m working, I eat healthily.”

While most would envy Brooklyn’s looks, the supermodel says she found herself “awestruck” by “Just Go With It” co-star Jennifer Aniston’s body.

“I was invited to do yoga with her on set but they had so many good yogis I was intimidated and chickened out,” she reveals. Even supermodels have their insecurities.

The May/June issue of Women’s Health UK goes on sale Apr. 3, and is also available as a digital edition. In the meantime, check out Brooklyn’s photos and be sure to follow Celebrity Health & Fitness for updates on all the latest celebrity health, beauty and diet trends.