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Britney Spears Stunning Shape Cover; But Is It All Her? (photos!)

Britney Spears stuns on the cover of Shape magazine. But the image seems extensively altered.

Britney Spears stuns on the cover of Shape magazine. But the image seems extensively altered.

Britney Spears, one of pop’s reigning princesses, has gone from a middle-aged looking mom of two to a stunning cover model for Shape magazine. But the cover may be deceiving. Shame on Shape.

Fashion magazines have long been known to airbrush imperfections in cover models, including smoothing skin and shaving pounds off their hips and thighs to make them look beautiful.

But the practice has been widely slammed because critics claim it creates an unrealistic image of feminine beauty. That puts pressure on everyday women to try to get the same look, or feel inferior if they don’t.

Britney: A Tale of Two Images

The difference between celebrity cover photos and everyday photos is often striking. And such is the case with Spears. She looks older than her 31-years in public, but somehow magically transforms for cover photos.

She was photographed out and about in Los Angeles only a week ago, and looked totally different. Her thighs were chunky, showed clear signs of cellulite buildup, and her knees looked thick and boxy.

But in the new issue of Shape, she looks amazingly toned figure in a white bikini. The photo is reminiscent of publicity shots from here early 20s when she was in peak physical condition.

“I’m in my 30s now, so I have to work harder to keep it up,” she says of her famous derriere. But no amount of exercise and diet can create such dramatic results.

Britney says she mainly focuses on yoga to stay in shape and uses Nutrisystem to regulate her food intake. But dieting is a never ending battle, she admits.

“Dieting is tough… because my specialties are spaghetti, brownies and chocolate chip cookies,” she says. Cudos for Britney for working it, but as for Shape, give us a break already.