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Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt: Overdosed On Drugs, Cut Arm With Meat Cleaver

Paris Jackson suicide attempt

Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt isn’t her first cry for help. Why have they been ignored?

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, may have been crying out for help rather than being intent on committing suicide, even though she slashed herself with a meat cleaver and left a suicide note.

According to the latest reports, she also tried to overdose on Motrin, an over-the-counter pain reliever that isn’t capable of causing death.

She also called a suicide hotline after she cut her arm, which required several stitches to close, but doesn’t appear to be immediately life threatening.

The fact is people who are serious about committing suicide are almost always successful. The far greater majority who attempt suicide are really desperately crying out for help. Paris, who is 15, falls into the latter category.

But why were the obvious warning sings ignored? She reportedly had tried to commit suicide before.

paris jackson 2016Photos surfaced showing her with cutting scars up and down her forearm. None of them looked life-threatening. But cutting is an obvious sign of mental distress and self-image problems in teens.

Sometimes little setbacks can act as a trigger for suicidal thoughts. Alexa Ray Joel daughter of singer Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, said her suicide attempt was sparked by “heartbreak-related depression” over a breakup with her boyfriend.

Paris was said to be upset when she was told she couldn’t attend a Marilyn Manson concert.  She was hospitalized under what’s known in California as a “5150 psychiatric hold,” Examiner reported.

It allows someone who is considered a danger to themselves or others to involuntarily hospitalized for up to 72 hours. Paris’s world was turned upside down when her famous father Michael Jackson died in 2009 after suffering cardiac arrest triggered by a drug overdose. Paris was present in the house when Michael died.

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