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Singer Chris Brown’s Seizure Can Signal Major Health Problems

Refusing Treatment Could Put Driver's License in Jeopardy

Chris Brown's medical condition could force him to surrender his driver's license.

Chris Brown’s medical condition could force him to surrender his driver’s license.

R&B singer Chris Brown reportedly suffered a seizure serious enough to prompt calls for emergency medical assistance, but he brushed off help and refused to go to a hospital. That could be a big mistake.

Seizures of any kind should be taken seriously. They can signal a range of maladies, from epilepsy to brain cancer.

Chris reportedly suffered seizures as a child, according to gossip site TMZ. There are cases where seizures, especially in adolescents, can’t be traced to any single cause. They may or may not recur later in life and be spaced years apart.

Brown, who is 24, is still within the age range to suffer undifferentiated seizures. But to ignore them without attempting to determine their origin can be deadly, according to medical references.

Beside indicating a possible serious illness, seizures can also be triggered by extreme fatigue, drug use, allergic reactions or even bright flashing lights, according to medical references.

Most immediately Brown could face the loss of his driver’s license. In California, an individual diagnosed as having a seizure disorder can have their license suspended for up to three years following an episode, according to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

To maintain their license, an individual most show they are taking medication designed to prevent seizures and that the seizures are under reliable control.

No wonder Brown refused to go to the hospital. A doctor would have been required to report him to authorities if he was treat for a seizure, according to California law. But the involvement of emergency medical services may be enough to trigger action by the state.

The L.A. Fire Department received a call from Record Plant recording studios in Hollywood at 1:09am, according to TMZ.

Brown’s representatives had no comment on the matter, but his sometime girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, signaled on Twitter that the incident was worrisome.

“Prayers all day” she Tweeted around the time of the incident. “A lot on my mind today,” she later wrote. “I need a hug.”