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Zara Larsson Bedridden With Bacterial Pneumonia on Heels of Latest Tour

Zara Larsson

Swedish singer Zara Larssen is battling pneumonia on the heels of her latest tour. She’s been ordered to rest for at least 10 days as well as a regime of antibiotics and cortisone. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Zara Larsson is reportedly down with pneumonia. The Swedish singer, who has been making inroads in music since winning at talent competition, is a not so subtle reminder that even teens are susceptible this time of year to bronchial ailments.


Kathleen Turner Won't Nix Plastic Surgery; Reveals Her Tips to Fight Crippling Arthritis

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner at the opening night of Broadway musical “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder.” She reveals she’s battling crippling arthritis in a new interview. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz).

Kathleen Turner, best known for sex siren roles in movies like “Body Heat” and “War of the Roses,” says she won’t rule out more plastic surgery as she ages even though she’s 63 and well beyond her early sex kitten years.


American Idol Mogul Simon Cowell Injured in Fall, Hospitalized With Neck Injury

Simon Cowell was rushed to the hospital after injuring his neck in a fall at his home. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Music mogul Simon Cowell has been taken to hospital following a fall at his mansion in London. The “American Idol” creator was seen wearing a neck brace after he took a fall at around today (Oct. 27) while purportedly going to get a cup of hot milk.


Miranda Kerr Daily Beauty Regime Begins With Her Skin; She Reveals Her Secrets

Miranda Kerr Kora Organics

Miranda Kerr showcases some of the products from her company Kora Organics, that she uses as part of her daily beauty regime. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Miranda Kerr, arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world, has been a top supermodel for more than a decade. Now, 34, she reveals in a new interview the intimate beauty routine she uses to maintain, her healthy, sexy look. And, it begins with her skin.


Kim Kardashian, Back in Pregnancy Game, Hypes Morning Sickness Drug, Again

Kim Kardashian baby weight loss

Kim Kardashian showed off her post-baby weight loss last year, after giving birth to her second child. (Photo: Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

Kim Kardashian is back in the pregnancy game and she’s already booking revenue from a sketchy morning sickness drug. No, Kim isn’t pregnant, at least not officially. But tabloids are reporting she may be planning a third child through a surrogate.


Lily Collins: Fashion Industry Needs Reality Check on 'Too Thin' Catwalk Models

Lily Collins Grazia magazine

Actress and model Lily Collins says the fashion industry still hasn’t kicked its obsession with ultra-thin models. (Photo: Grazia mag)

Lily Collins has had a front-row seat at fashion shows around the world and does not like what she sees. She says the fashion industry is still fixated on “extremely small girls” and needs another reality check on encouraging health weight models.


Haley Williams Decision to Leave Band 'Paramore' Related to Depression

Haley Williams Paramore

Haley Williams gave up a flourishing career as a singer for the band Paramore because of depression. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Haley Williams gave up her career as lead vocalist and primary songwriter for indie rock band Paramore in 2015 because of debilitating depression, which affects 16 million U.S. adults. “For the first time in my life, there wasn’t a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel,” she says in a new interview.


Britney Spears Reveals How Anxiety Led to Her 2007 Mental Breakdown

Britney Spears says anxiety was at the root of her widely publicized 2007 mental breakdown. (Photo: Britney Spears)

Britney Spears is talking for the first time about a widely publicized 2007 mental breakdown that led to her hospitalization. She says anxiety was at the root of her problem, caused by the constant feeling that she was being judged and tested by everyone.


Beyonce, Jay-Z Babies: Here's Latest Update on the Couple's Twin Infants

Beyonce and Jay-Z are reported to be back in their Malibu home with their new twin infants. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Beyonce and Jay-Z have reportedly taken their twin babies home from hospital, even though one of the children weighed just three pounds at birth by Cesarean section June 12.


Carrie Fisher Couldn't Beat Drug Demons; System Laced With Cocaine, Heroin

Carrie Fisher, pictured here in her best known role as Princess Leia from ‘Star Wars’ had a pharmacopoeia of drugs in her system when she died., a new report says. (Photo: Studio)

Carrie Fisher, who gained iconic film status as Princess Leia in the early “Star Wars” movies, suffered long afterward with drug addictions that she could never kick. An autopsy report released today showed she had heroin, cocaine and ecstasy in her system on the day she died.


Selena Gomez Rings Alarm Bells Over Health With New Photo; What Gives?

Selena Gomez raised concerns on social media after she posted a photo on Instagram that show her wearing a medical emergency wrist band. (Photo: Selena Gomez/Instagram)

Selena Gomez sent shockwaves through her fanbase by publishing a photo on social media that shows her lying on her side with a bandage on her arm and a yellow medical warning risk band that appears to say “fall risk.” Has Selena’s health taken a turn for the worse?


Beyonce Pregnant With Twins; Did She Opt to Create ‘Unethical’ Designer Babies?

Beyonce, husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy. The signer says she’s pregnant again with twins, raising questions about whether she created designer babies. (Photo: Getty)

Beyoncé rocked the world–again–with news that she is pregnant with twins. But the joyous occasion raises a question whether the singer opted for in vitro fertilization to create designer babies. The practice is frowned upon by the medical profession.





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