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How Kourtney Kardashian Got Post-Baby Bikini Body Back, 1


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  • Pete

    She is no Kim and will never be with her average body and average looks. She is a reality star of her own making, good for her but please keep her and show more of the real star in the family.. Kim Kardashian…oom oom good!

  • Lan

    Kim is beautiful yes, but I think Kourtney is the most beautiful sister. Kim photographs really well and her wardrobe is very sexy, but beyond that, when you see the sisters on TV, Kourtney definitely shines brighter, looks prettier, and looks the most natural and exotic. And Khloe’s personality shines the brightest, making her really fun to watch and most desirable to hang out with. I wish ppl weren’t so shallowminded that they cant even see the different elements of beauty that everyone has to offer. Nothing average about Kourtney or her looks. She is stunning in and of herself