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Gigi Hadid Defends Weight Loss, Denies Anorexia: Diet, Boxing and Yoga Workout Tips

gigi hadid weight loss before after anorexia denied

Gigi Hadid’s bikini body weight loss secrets are a portion-controlled diet, boxing workouts and yoga. She denies rumors she’s anorexic. (Men’s Fitness/Instagram)

Supermodel Gigi Hadid responded on Instagram to a follower who had criticized her recent weight loss by saying she has lost some of her “baby fat” but is healthy.


Kourtney Kardashian Rocks Hot Bikini Body After 45 Pound Weight Loss: Exercise, Diet Plan

kourtney kardashian bikini diet weight loss

Kourtney Kardashian has a better bikini body at 37, after three pregnancies, than she did in her 20s. (Photo: Instagram)

Kourtney Kardashian showcased her amazing bikini body and 45-pound weight loss in a series of hot Instagram selfies.


Kristin Cavallari Paleo Diet Weight Loss Stuns: Exercise And Beauty Secrets

kristin cavallari weight loss paleo diet

Kristin Cavallari credited a low-carb Paleo-inspired diet for her 20-pound weight loss in 2 months. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Kristin Cavallari flaunted her 20-pound post-baby weight loss on Instagram, where the mom of three spotlighted her chic fashion style.


Alessandra Ambrosio Flashes Bikini Body: Exercise, Diet And Beauty Tips

alessandra ambrosio bikini diet workout

Alessandra Ambrosio’s fitness secrets are an organic diet and Pilates. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio flashed her smoking-hot bikini while partying with friends in Greece and California.


Candice Swanepoel Pregnancy Diet, Beauty And Yoga Workout Tips: Cradles Baby Bump

pregnant candice swanepoel baby bump belly

Pregnant Candice Swanepoel cradled her baby bump as she nears delivery. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Candice Swanepoel flaunted her burgeoning baby bump on Instagram as she nears the end of her first pregnancy.


Victoria Beckham Alkaline Diet And Yoga Workout Tips: Covers Vogue Korea

victoria beckham vogue diet workout

Victoria Beckham, a mom of 4, maintains her size 0 body with yoga, running and an alkaline diet. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Victoria Beckham looked gorgeous on the cover of Vogue Korea, where she showcased her yoga-toned body.

Judging by her sleek physique, it’s hard to believe Victoria is a mom of 4 young children.

Beckham, 42, maintains her size 0 dancer’s body with the Alkaline Diet, yoga workouts, and cardio exercise, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

“I run 4 miles a day on the treadmill,” said Victoria, who also does Pilates.

Victoria Beckham is a longtime follower of the Alkaline Diet, which emphasizes fresh green vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, spices, seeds and nuts.

Health experts say you can eat to satiety and prevent aging on the Alkaline Diet.

victoria beckham bikini weight loss diet

Victoria Beckham runs 4 miles every day on the treadmill. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

The theory behind the Alkaline Diet is that eating a diet high in alkaline-producing foods minimizes acid buildup in our bodies (which fuels inflammation, aging and weight gain).

When you ingest too many acidic foods, your pH levels get disrupted, causing weight gain and disease, said Dr. Stephan Domenig, author of the bestselling book, The Alkaline Cure.

kelly ripa diet workout bikini body

Mom of 3 Kelly Ripa maintains her fit bikini body with an alkaline diet. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

In addition to promoting weight loss, the alkaline diet helps your body and mind function optimally, said Marta Tuchowska, author of How to Lose Massive Weight with the Alkaline Diet.

Other celebrities who follow the alkaline diet include Elle Macpherson, Kelly Ripa and Kate Hudson, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported. Elle, Kate and Kelly all credit the anti-aging health benefits of the diet for their age-defying bikini bodies.

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Kate Middleton Beauty, Weight Loss Diet And Yoga Workout Tips: Stuns In Blue At Fitness Event

kate middleton weight loss diet exercise beauty tips

Kate Middleton’s beauty and fitness secrets are a low-carb diet, daily juicing, cardio exercise and yoga. (Instagram)

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was a vision in blue while honoring Britain’s athletes and fitness ambassadors at a recent dinner at Kensington Palace.


Melissa McCarthy 75 Pound Weight Loss Dazzles Red Carpet: Low Carb Diet And Exercise Tips

melissa mccarthy shows off 75 pound weight loss on red carpet

Melissa McCarthy showcased her 75-pound weight loss at the Women In Comedy event in Hollywood. (Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Melissa McCarthy looked stunning at the Women In Comedy event in Hollywood, California, where she flaunted her 75-pound weight loss on the red carpet.


Elizabeth Hurley Topless Bikini Photo Stuns: Weight Loss Diet, Exercise And Beauty Tips

elizabeth hurley topless bikini photo

Elizabeth Hurley’s bikini body fitness secrets are an organic diet, Pilates and yoga workouts. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Elizabeth Hurley flaunted her sexy bikini body on Instagram while sunbathing topless in the English countryside.


Kourtney Kardashian Swimsuit Body Stuns: Weight Loss Diet, Beauty And Exercise Tips

kourtney kardashian bikini weight loss diet workout plan

Kourtney Kardashian lost 45 pounds with an organic diet, ghee, green tea and exercise. (Photos: Instagram, CelebrityHealthFitness)

Kourtney Kardashian flaunted her hot swimsuit body on Instagram as she enjoyed the gorgeous Los Angeles weather.


Lady Gaga Shows Off Hot Yoga Body, Sexy Legs At Indy 500: Diet And Exercise Secrets

lady gaga indy 500 weight loss diet

Lady Gaga’s bikini body weight loss secrets are a low-glycemic diet and Bikram yoga workouts. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Lady Gaga flaunted her sexy legs and hot yoga body at the Indianapolis 500, where she posed for photos with Marco Andretti, the grandson of the legendary Mario Andretti.


Elizabeth Hurley’s Diet, Beauty And Workout Secrets: Is Pretty In Pink At Age 51

elizabeth hurley nbc upfronts 2016

Elizabeth Hurley credits an organic diet for her glowing skin and fit bikini body. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Elizabeth Hurley was pretty in pink at the NBC Upfronts in New York.





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