‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks Shops for Modeling Contracts

‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks Shops for Modeling Contracts
jeremy meeks hot mugshot guy lands modeling contract
Jeremy Meeks made headlines after being hailed as the “Hot Mugshot Guy.”

Jeremy Meeks, the “hot mugshot guy” who made headlines after his sexy mug shot nearly broke the Internet, has landed a talent agent who’s shopping her client around to modeling agencies and Hollywood scouts, in the hope of capitalizing on his notoriety.

“Jeremy has an amazing look and has received international attention, which I feel can only help him flourish in the entertainment industry,” talent agent Gina Rodriguez told ABC News (see video).

“Jeremy could make somewhere between $3,000 to $100,000 per month through endorsements and modeling.”

Despite widespread reports that Meeks has already signed a $30,000 modeling contract, no such deal was struck. Still, even false reports of Meeks’ modeling prospect have made headlines around the world, underscoring just how popular he has become overnight.

Meeks’ dubious rise to stardom began after he was arrested for alleged felony weapons possession as part of a sweep of gangs in Stockton, Calif. Jeremy became an overnight Internet sensation when his hot mugshot went viral after the Stockton Police Department posted it on its Facebook page.

Throngs of lovesick women went crazy over the dreamy, blue-eyed bandit. Meeks’ mug shot has garnered more than 100,000 Facebook likes and almost 27,000 comments.

Jeremy was charged with 11 felony counts, including firearms possession and gang membership.

Count down #housearrest #bayarea

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Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier, said Jeremy is a devoted husband and father whose tattoos have caused him to be stereotyped, TheImproper reported.

“He has old tattoos, which causes him to be stereotyped,” wrote Angier.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Meeks and his family hope a modeling contract can help him turn his life around.

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