CrossFit and Low-Carb Diet Keep Jessica Alba Hot

CrossFit and Low-Carb Diet Keep Jessica Alba Hot Jessica Alba's hot bikini body is due to CrossFit and low-carb diet.
CrossFit and Low-Carb Diet Keep Jessica Alba Hot
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Jessica Alba‘s sizzling bikini body is due to CrossFit workouts and a low-carb diet, according to Examiner.

Alba said her favorite body part is her taut stomach but her legs are her least favorite body part.

“My stomach is good,” Jessica told GQ. “My legs, I’m not as excited about all the time, but I wouldn’t cover up my stomach.”

Jessica, 33, credits a low-carb diet and circuit-training workouts that incorporate CrossFit for her sleek physique.

Alba joins a growing list of celebrities who embrace the winning weight-loss combination of CrossFit and a low-carb diet to get fit.

Alba’s CrossFit coach is fitness expert Yumi Lee. Lee is married to CrossFit coach Ron Mathews, who trains “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello. Manganiello maintains his ripped physique by doing CrossFit and following the Paleo diet.

Similarly, country superstar Tim McGraw lost 40 pounds and developed unbelievable 8-pack abs by following a low-carb Paleo diet and doing CrossFit.

Alba recently reprised her role as the sexy stripper Nancy Callahan in the film, “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For,” and worked out intensely to get in shape.

Jessica did rigorous daily dance workouts and followed a low-carb, high-protein diet that features low-starch vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, and she avoids processed food. Jessica, who has a family history of obesity, began cooking at an early age to take control of her diet.

“I started cooking for myself at 12 because a lot of food my family ate was processed,” she told Women’s Health. “I wanted fresh. I eliminated microwave foods, things with too much salt, and tried to eat more natural food, things that were cooked in a kitchen as opposed to a factory.”

In addition to CrossFit, Alba’s workouts include yoga, sprint intervals, spinning, and lifting weights with her trainer, Ramona Braganza.

Braganza, creator of the 321 Training Method, helped Alba lose 60 pounds after her pregnancies and trained her for the films “Honey,” “Fantastic Four,” and “Into the Blue.”

While her lean, athletic 5-foot-6 physique is the envy of millions of women, Alba claims she has cellulite and belly fat, and has learned to embrace her imperfections.

“I don’t have the body of a 14-year-old anymore,” she  said. “I have cellulite and stretch marks, and I have a muffin top! I think the more we try not to have that unrealistic ideal, the happier we’ll be.”

Jessica has recently begun re-branding herself as a health and wellness guru. In her book, The Honest Life, Alba offers tips on weight loss, exercise, happiness, her organic diet, and her favorite recipes.

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