Low-Carb Paleo, Ketogenic Diets Are Weight Loss Winners

Low-Carb Paleo, Ketogenic Diets Are Weight Loss Winners Amanda lost 80 pounds in 12 months without exercise on a keto-Paleo diet.
Low-Carb Paleo, Ketogenic Diets Are Weight Loss Winners
Amanda lost 80 pounds in 12 months without exercise on a keto-Paleo diet.

Low-carb, high-fat diets such as the ketogenic, Atkins, and Paleo diets have been proven to promote weight loss and health, but still have not been embraced by the medical and nutrition communities, and low-carb proponents want to know why.

Rhode Island physician Irving T. Gilson is astonished that the medical community has reacted with deafening silence to recent scientific reports underscoring the health benefits of low-carb diets.

“A continuing flow of clinical research studies have consistently confirmed the benefits of low-carbohydrate diets with respect to weight loss and cardiac risk factors, while negating the demonization of saturated fat,” wrote Dr. Gilson in the Providence Journal.

“To describe the reaction of the nutrition and medical communities to the low-carbohydrate paradigm as cool would be a gross understatement. Where there should be at least meaningful dialogue, there is silence.”

Dr. Gilson joins other low-carb proponents in his stunned dismay. Dr. Jeff Volek, a professor at the University of Connecticut, told me research confirms low-carb diets like the ketogenic, Paleo and Atkins diets accelerate weight loss, reverse type 2 diabetes, manage epileptic seizures and prevent cancer.

Yet the nutrition and medical community refuse to recommend low-carb diets to their obese patients, which Volek finds shocking.

“The medical profession continues to recommend a high-carb diet, which exacerbates the problem,” said Volek, author of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living. “It boggles the mind.”

By drastically reducing carbs in our diet and replacing them with healthy, unprocessed fats, we can boost fat-burning, experience more stable blood sugar levels, and ward off degenerative conditions such as heart disease, obesity, dementia and diabetes.

“Carbohydrate restriction is the proverbial ‘silver bullet’ for managing insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Volek.

A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed the low-carb Paleo diet is twice as effective as low-fat diets for weight loss and torching belly fat.

“Clinical trials have shown the Paleo diet is the optimum diet that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, markers of inflammation, help with weight loss, reduce acne, promote optimum health and athletic performance,” said professor Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet.

The woman pictured above lost 80 pounds in 12 months on a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic-Paleo diet without exercise. The 5-foot-4 Amanda, who declined to give her last name, slimmed down from 222 pounds to 134 pounds on a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein diet. She lost the weight between July 2011 and July 2012, and has since kept it off.

This isn’t surprising to obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman. Dr. Westman, director of the Duke University Obesity Clinic, has helped hundreds of morbidly obese individuals lose thousands of pounds on the low-carb, high-fat diets like the ketogenic, Paleo and Atkins diets.

He is pleased that mainstream media is finally starting to debunk the myth that eating fat makes you fat and sick. To the contrary, he said: Eating fat makes you skinny and healthy.

“I tell my patients not to fear the fat,” said Dr. Westman, author of A New Atkins for a New You. “Eat lots of fat. Fat makes you feel full. There’s no problem with fat. In fact, saturated fat — the fat that we’ve been taught not to eat — raises your good cholesterol best of all the foods you can eat.”

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