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Sharon Stone Has Cellulite, Hasn’t Exercised In A While: Her Low-Carb Diet Secrets

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Sharon Stone is fit and fab at 57, but claims she has a lumpy, cottage-cheese butt.

That’s hard to believe, since Stone showed off her fit bikini body on the March 2014 issue of Shape.

Sharon, who looks incredible, claims she hasn’t worked out in a while and is worried about tabloid backlash.

“I haven’t worked out in a couple of months because I just didn’t feel like it,” Stone told E! “But now I’m going on vacation and I know what they’re going to do.

“[The tabloids] are going to put a circle around my ass and do one of those crazy magnified pictures saying, ‘What happened to her ass? It’s a bag of cheese.’ I would just like to say it’s a fine triple crème brie!”

Whether she’s got some cellulite or not, there’s no denying Sharon looks amazing, thanks to her longtime fitness-minded lifestyle. Stone maintains her sleek physique by following the low-carb GI Diet, which focuses on eating non-starchy foods with a low glycemic index.

Sharon’s low-carb diet is heavy in red meat and vegetables but avoids sugar and simple carbs. Stone has followed the GI Diet for over 10 years, and credits it for helping her recover from a brain aneurysm in 2001.

Stone said fitness maven Jane Fonda (who looks unbelievable at 77) is her workout inspiration.  Jane’s bestselling workout videos helped launch the 1980s aerobics craze. She revealed her workout secrets in her latest exercise video, Jane Fonda Prime Time.

Sharon said she’s inspired by Fonda’s motto that discipline sets you free. Stone’s workouts include exercising with weights in her pool, strength-training, stretching, dancing and yoga. “I do what it takes,” said Sharon. “I go to the gym and I eat healthy.”

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