Cheryl Burke Slams Weight Bullying, Plastic Surgery Talk

Cheryl Burke Slams Weight Bullying, Plastic Surgery Talk

cheryl burke anorexia plastic surgeryCheryl Burke vehemently denied rumors she’s anorexic, got lip injections and other plastic surgery.

Burke, who recently lost 15 pounds, is hurt by accusations she’s suffering from the eating disorder anorexia and got plastic surgery after the above Instagram vacation photo set off speculation.

“It’s one thing to see negative comments about yourself in the press, it’s another to be criticized by individual people on your own social media pages,” Cheryl said in a statement via ABC News. “It’s much more personal. It hurts.”

The “Dancing With the Stars” beauty said she’s especially astounded by the skinny-shaming weight bullying because her fans are usually very supportive.

Ironically, Cheryl was fat-shamed after gaining some weight in 2008. The 5-foot-4 Cheryl has since slimmed down, from 135 pounds to 120 pounds.

Cheryl credited a low-carb, high-protein diet and 90-minute circuit-training workouts for her 15-pound weight loss, and said she’s doing great.

“I’m thriving,” Burke wrote on Facebook in May 2014. “I’m putting healthy foods into my body and experiencing the benefits.”

Was Sexually Molested and Abused

As a star on a hit TV show, Burke’s life appears ideal on the outside, but she revealed she was molested by a family friend from the age of five and was later physically abused by two ex-boyfriends.

Cheryl, who testified against her molester and helped send him to jail for almost 20 years, says her parents’ divorce when she was a baby gave her mixed feelings toward her abuser, a retired mailman who was well liked in her neighborhood.

Burke eventually helped put the molester behind bars after other children came forward and accused him of sexual abuse.

Burke said it took years of therapy to heal from the sexual and emotional abuse, and hoped her coming forward will let other victims know they are not alone. Cheryl revealed her harrowing experiences in her memoir, Dancing Lessons.

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