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Low-Carb Fan Elle Macpherson, 50, Rocks Hot Bikini Body

Elle Macpherson follows a low-carb organic diet and exercises daily.
Elle Macpherson follows a low-carb organic diet and exercises daily.

Elle Macpherson is 50 and fabulous and flaunted her slammin’ bikini body on Twitter.

Macpherson credits a low-carb, high-protein organic diet and daily hour-long workouts for her age-defying body.

The 6-foot-tall Australian stunner, who made the cover of the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue a record six times, said maintaining her youthful bikini body requires constant effort.

“No one tells you this, but I’ve recognized it as I’ve grown older and wiser: Wellness, beauty, strength, good moods and stability require constant maintenance and constant tweaking,” Macpherson told Harper’s Bazaar.

“You have to constantly listen to your body. You can’t sit there thinking, ‘All this used to work.’ You’re new and fresh and different every day. Resist it, and it becomes really tedious. Embrace it and it’s a constant renewing process. It’s about being present in your life.”

Elle, a mother of two boys, exercises for an hour every day, usually doing yoga, swimming, running or cycling.

“I mix it up,” she said. “If I’m in the mountains I ski, if I’m near water I’ll swim. I might do a yoga or spin class. I can’t ever remember doing something physical and feeling worse.”

Macpherson, who was nicknamed “The Body” during her modeling heyday, is comfortable with getting older and has no desire to be younger.

“I don’t have the same body that I had when I was 20,” she said. “But I also don’t have the same mindset, either, when I was wracked with self-consciousness and insecurity. I maintain good health and beauty. Do I have young-girl envy? Absolutely not.”

Elle now oversees her own successful line of lingerie.

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