Kelly Ripa Talks Botox: Low-Carb Diet and Exercise Keep Her Fit

Kelly Ripa Talks Botox: Low-Carb Diet and Exercise Keep Her Fit

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Kelly Ripa is a Botox fan who credits circuit-training workouts and a low-carb, mostly vegetarian, diet for her sizzling bikini body at 43.

“Botox has changed my life,” Ripa said on Andy Cohen’s talk show. “It’s cut my getting-ready time in half, because suddenly my eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes!”

Kelly said she also gets Botox injected into her armpits to minimize sweating.

While Botox keeps Ripa’s face youthful, her age-defying bikini-body secrets include fat-blasting circuit-training workouts with fitness coach Anna Kaiser of AKT In Motion.

Kaiser said Kelly works out four to five days a week for 90 minutes per session, combining intense cardio exercise with plyometric and flexibility moves. Kelly also runs three to five miles several days a week and takes spinning classes.

Ripa’s low-carb diet focuses on organic vegetables, salads, omega-3-rich fatty fish, and eliminates sugar and processed foods. Kelly is not vegetarian but calls herself a “vegetarian who occasionally eats sushi.”

When we restrict carbs, we force our bodies to burn fat as fuel, which is why low-carb diets have proven so effective for weight loss, said Dr. Jeff Volek, author of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living.

Was Slammed For Being Fat

While Ripa is now hailed for her chiseled, fat-free physique, she said she was fat-shamed during her 20s, when she starred on the soap opera, “All My Children.”

Ripa, who was heavier back then, said she received a barrage of nasty fan letters during her 12-year stint on the daytime TV show, which she used to propel her self into the best shape of her life.

Kelly said she keeps one of the notes framed on her dressing room wall at her talk show, “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” The note reads, “Eat a carrot, you fat bastard.” Ripa was pregnant at the time, and her pregnancy had not been written into her character’s storyline.

Kelly said she keeps the note around to remind herself to constantly improve. Ripa, who was teased for being chubby as a child, now has the lean, rippling physique of a pro athlete, thanks to her fitness-minded lifestyle.

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