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Former Bulimic Candace Cameron Bure Details Juice Cleanse: Weight Loss And Diet Secrets

Candace Cameron Bure insists her juice cleanse was not for weight loss.

Candace Cameron Bure insists her juice cleanse was not for weight loss.

Candace Cameron Bure was slammed after announcing a five-day juice cleanse, but insisted she didn’t do it to lose weight.

The fan backlash started July 14, after Bure announced her juice cleanse on Facebook. Candace said she had planned to drink two Paleta juice-cleanse protein shakes and a light all-vegetable dinner.

Fans immediately attacked Bure for promoting an unhealthy diet and trying to lose weight when she’s already thin. One fan even called her a “sellout” and accused Bure of promoting the Paleta juice cleanse for money (which is highly likely, but something most celebrities do).

Candace replied to the criticism by saying she wanted to do the juice fast to detoxify her body after going off her usual healthy diet during summer vacation.

candace cameron workout diet

Candace Cameron Bure’s weight loss and fitness secrets are a portion-controlled diet and rigorous workouts. (Photo: Instagram, CelebrityHealthFitness)

“I’m excited to start my five-day cleanse not to lose weight, but to get my body back on track, ridding all the toxins and unhealthy stuff I’ve put in it the last few months,” wrote Candace.

Candace’s decision to go on a juice fast was especially disturbing to some fans, given her past as a recovering bulimic. Bure, who at 38 looks years younger, is in the best shape of her life now after overcoming the eating disorders anorexia and bulimia during her teens and early twenties.

Battled Anorexia and Bulimia for Years

Candace suffered from poor body image and the eating disorders anorexia and bulimia for years. In 2010, the former child star lost 22 pounds, slimming down to 110 pounds through portion control and regular exercise, as Celebrity Health & Fitness has reported.

Bure has maintained her weight loss since then by eating well and working out regularly. While the mom of three is healthy now, she began dieting obsessively as a teen, suffered from the eating disorder bulimia, and experimented with diet pills.

Candace detailed her bulimia and body-image struggles in her 2011 memoir, Reshaping It All:

“When I was 16, I filmed an episode of ‘Full House’ where my family goes to Disney World,” she wrote. “I remember putting on baggy overalls just to hide my stomach. When I watched it, I was pretty disappointed and bummed out looking at myself. I didn’t feel good about my own body.”

candace cameron abs diet workout

Candace Cameron Bure works out 4-5 days a week. (Photo: Kira Stokes/Instagram, CelebrityHealthFitness)

At her heaviest, the 5-foot-2 Candace weighed 132 pounds (not fat by any means, but she wanted to slim down even more). Cameron Bure said she had a hard time adjusting to being a housewife and mom of three after “Full House” ended in 1995 and she began living in Canada with her husband, Russian-born NHL player Valeri Bure.

These days, Candace typically works out four to five days a week for an hour, combining cardio exercise and weightlifting and follows a balanced, portion-controlled diet.

Candace, a devout Christian, revealed her weight loss secrets and how she juggles motherhood, marriage, and career in her book, Balancing It All.

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