Jenny McCarthy’s Autistic Son Targeted By Bullies At Camp

Jenny McCarthy’s Autistic Son Targeted By Bullies At Camp
Jenny McCarthy's son, Evan, has autism.
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Jenny McCarthy’s 12-year-old autistic son Evan, is being bullied at summer camp but doesn’t realize it.

“They’re laughing at him but he laughs too,” Jenny said on “The View” July 21. “I said, ‘You have to find the kids that like you and are nice to you.”

Evan has autism, and doesn’t pick up on social cues, said McCarthy. Sadly, Evan usually sits alone during lunch because no one wants to sit with him.

“[I asked] Who do you sit next to in the cafeteria?’ And he said, ‘No one. I ask, and they say no,’ ” said McCarthy.

Jenny discovered Evan was being bullied after a camp employee emailed her. McCarthy said she’s glad Evan is not aware that he’s being teased behind his back.

“It’s so wonderful that he’s not aware that kids are making fun of him,” she said. “But at what point do I need to teach him that? Evan told me, ‘They ask me to put bugs down my pants and I do it and they laugh. He thinks it’s funny. Do I just let him be? At what point does it stop?”

When McCarthy asked her “View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg for advice, Whoopi suggested that Jenny meet the parents of the bullies, saying they’re probably not aware of their kids’ bullying.

Hotter Than Ever at 41

Separately, McCarthy is in fantastic shape at 41, thanks to a dairy- and gluten-free diet and rigorous cardio workouts.

McCarthy, a former Playboy Playmate, said she no longer weighs herself because the scale can be misleading.

The 5-foot-6 Jenny, who tipped the scales at 211 pounds during her pregnancy, runs on the treadmill and cuts back on portion sizes whenever she gains a little weight.

For exercise, Jenny typically works out five days a week doing a combination of cardio and strength-training, and does yoga twice a week.

McCarthy, who previously revealed she converted to a mostly vegan diet, said eliminating gluten and dairy has dramatically improved her health.

“[Cutting out gluten and dairy is] the best health change I’ve ever made,” she said. “I lost a few pounds and have much more energy.”

Cardiologist Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, agrees. According to Davis, eliminating wheat promotes weight loss, melts belly fat, and prevents diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

“Wheat products elevate blood sugar levels more than virtually any other carbohydrate, from beans to candy bars,” said Dr. Davis. “Carbohydrates trigger insulin release from the pancreas, causing growth of visceral fat. And visceral fat causes insulin resistance and inflammation. Wheat is, in effect, an appetite stimulant.”

Jenny will leave “The View” at the end of this season. McCarthy shared her fitness, success and happiness secrets in her new book, Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life.

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