Dr. Oz: High-Fat Diet Boosts Metabolism and Longevity Secrets

Dr. Oz: High-Fat Diet Boosts Metabolism and Longevity Secrets

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Dr. Mehmet Oz said healthy fats boost metabolism, and napping promotes longevity on the July 21 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz’s guest was wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe. Axe, author of the Real Food Diet Cookbook, said eating healthy fats like butter, coconut flour, and almond butter revs up your metabolism and helps you burn belly fat.

Dr. Axe identified three foods as “metabolism death foods,” which slow down your metabolism and fat-burning capacity. One is whole grains, which contains metabolism-damaging gluten. Axe recommended swapping out whole grains for coconut flour.

Cardiologist Dr. William Davis said eliminating wheat promotes weight loss, melts belly fat, and prevents diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

“Wheat products elevate blood sugar levels more than virtually any other carbohydrate, from beans to candy bars,” said Dr. Davis, author of Wheat Belly. “Wheat is, in effect, an appetite stimulant.”

Axe said you should also substitute almond butter for peanut butter, which is another metabolism death food because it causes hormone disruptions and allergies.

Finally, Axe recommended using grass-fed or pastured butter instead of canola oil, which contains artery-clogging partially hydrogenated food. Contrary to what we’ve been told, eating healthy fats help you burn belly fat and stoke your metabolism.

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz detailed his longevity checklist to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Dr. Oz said taking 1,000 IUs of vitamin D every day dramatically reduces your risk of getting cancer and diabetes.

Another tip for enhancing longevity is to nap every day for about 10 minutes, as research shows napping reduces stress and promotes heart health. Other proven longevity secrets include having an active social life, exercising, and reducing stress.

Dr. Oz shared all his longevity tips in his book, YOU: The Owner’s Manual: An Insider’s Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger.

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