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Kate Upton Shares Diet and Workout Secrets

Kate Upton stays fit with a low-carb, sugar-free diet.

Kate Upton stays fit with a low-carb, sugar-free diet.

Kate Upton credits a low-carb, sugar-free diet for her bangin’ bikini body.

Despite having one of the most envied bodies in the world, Upton said she was fat-shamed by modeling agents earlier in her career.

“Agents have put me under pressure to lose weight in the past,” Kate told Marie Claire Mexico.

“Clients loved me and then I would go into an agency and feel like cr*p about myself. They would say, ‘Just lose five more [pounds].’ But I couldn’t give a cra*p. I still don’t.”

While she has been criticized as too meaty to be a supermodel, Kate works extremely hard to stay fit, said her trainer, David Kirsch.

David advocates a gluten-free diet, saying eliminating gluten not only enhances weight loss, but improves mood. “It’s sugar, alcohol, and processed carbs that we avoid,” said Kirsch, author of the book, The Ultimate New York Body Plan.

“I don’t have Kate on a specifically gluten-free diet, but by the nature of what she eats, it is gluten free. I have both my daughters on gluten-free diets and you can see the difference.”

Kirsch, who whipped Upton into shape for her two Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover shoots, said intense circuit-training workouts are the foundation of their exercise sessions.

We do extreme, intense circuit training. We do three or four circuits and change them up a lot. There’s lots of core, butt and thigh-shaping and toning. We work with resistance bands, stability balls, do lateral lunges for the inner thighs and for arms we do boxing. It’s a very efficient way to work out and get your cardio in.”

David said everyone can benefit from fat-blasting circuit-training workouts in as little as 10 minutes. “Make time for one or two circuits first thing in the morning,” said Kirsch, creator of The Ultimate New York Body Plan workout DVD.

“No one can tell me they don’t have 10 or 15 minutes extra minutes a day. I don’t believe it. You don’t have to do 90 minutes.

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