Jennifer Lopez Lost 10 Pounds on Gluten-Free Vegan Diet

Jennifer Lopez lost 10 pounds on a vegan diet.
Jennifer Lopez lost 10 pounds on a vegan diet.

Jennifer Lopez looks better than ever at 45 after a recent 10-pound weight loss on a gluten-free vegan diet, Examiner reported.

Lopez embarked on a dairy- and gluten-free vegan diet in April, and said it helped her shed the last stubborn 10 pounds.

Jennifer recently began incorporating some fish and chicken back into her diet, but still does not consume dairy. “Her diet is built around plants,” said a source. “Rather than ordering steak and then adding vegetables, she asks for vegetables and adds in sides of protein.”

Lopez is no longer 100 percent vegan, but sticks to a mostly vegan diet because it has motivated her to eat more vegetables. “The truth is, even if you’re 70-80 percent vegan, it’s so much better having those vegetables, greens, and plant-based stuff,” said Jennifer. “It’s going to change your life and health.”

Fat-Burning Circuit-Training Workouts Keep JLo Hot

In addition to a healthy diet, Lopez maintains her age-defying physique with rigorous workouts. JLo does high-intensity cardio dance exercise with light strength-training using body weight and high repetitions done with light hand weights, said her trainer Tracy Anderson told Allure.

“Jennifer does the Tracy Anderson Method, which includes muscular structure work and between nine and 13 different exercises that change every 10 days, and dance aerobics as well,” said Anderson. “I keep [her butt] toned and in position. We do planks, moving the legs and butt at different angles.”

Anderson, who also trains Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian, shared her weight loss tips in her book, Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method.

Lopez’s foray into veganism was inspired by the 22-day vegan diet challenge Beyonce and Jay-Z undertook in December 2013. The 22-day vegan cleanse was designed by Beyonce’s trainer, exercise physiologist Marco Borges.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have since gone back to their regular eating plans, but Beyonce continues to eat one vegan meal a day, saying it helps her maintain her 65-pound post-baby weight loss.

Vegan Diet Has Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Benefits

Other celebrity vegans include Jared Leto, Samuel L. Jackson, Pamela Anderson, and Al Sharpton, who lost 170 pounds on a vegan diet. They have all credited the plant-based diet for giving them more energy, helping them lose weight, and staying youthful-looking.

Jackson, 65, said the vegan diet was responsible for his recent 40-pound weight loss and dramatically improved energy. Samuel L. said he was inspired to go vegan after reading Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and speaking with the renowned vegan cardiologist.

“Going to [Dr. Esselstyn’s] house and talking to him and his wife Ann [convinced me to adopt a vegan diet],” said Jackson. Jackson said watching Esselstyn’s ground-breaking film, Forks Over Knives, put him over the edge. Since going vegan, Samuel L. said he has never felt or looked better.

“I feel great,” he told reporters at a recent press event. “I have a lot more energy than I used to have. I sleep better. I like the way I look in my clothes better. I don’t cramp as much. I exercise better. I think my circulation has gotten better.”

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