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Jordin Sparks Reveals Migraines; Promoting Excedrin Brand

Jordin Sparks has inked a deal with Excedrin to raise awareness about migraine headaches. (Photo: Getty)

Jordin Sparks has inked a deal with Excedrin to raise awareness about migraine headaches. (Photo: Getty)

Jordin Sparks, the winner of “American Idol” Season 6,” revealed today that she, like 36 million other Americans, suffers from migraine headaches. She also revealed she inked a deal with Excedrin to be their spokesperson.

In a Q&A with the brand, she talked about her history with the affliction.

Sparks says she suffered her first migraine while performing a concert.

“I sing really big and loud, and that requires a lot of energy, so as I kept singing, my head just kept pounding and pounding,” she recounts. “When I got back to the dressing room, I had to just lie down and turn the lights off.”

“I definitely had to lie down for 20 to 30 minutes afterwards.”

Like many of those with the problem, certain things “trigger” her migraines.

“Not getting enough sleep. I travel a lot, so not being hydrated is another one. And floral perfume – I literally made my friend shower once because of that one, oh my gosh, that was a mess,” she says.

Stress is also a trigger. “When I’m in the studio, I’m usually ok. But when I’m traveling back and forth, that’s when things get really crazy. Sleep schedules get thrown off, I’m working 12- to 14-hour days, and that can really create some bad migraines,” she says.

To cope, she tries to address what she thinks may be triggering her headache. Often, Yoga helps, she advised. “I really like child’s pose. Sometimes, before bed, I just sit in a child’s pose and try to just breathe.”

She advises anyone who starts suffering from migraines to find their triggers.

She also recommends exercising and eating right. I’ve really upped my game in terms of fitness and health in the past four years,” she tells the brand.

“I will tell you, not eating the right things and not exercising at all definitely has a factor in your overall health — your mood, your energy level, sleep patterns and my vocal performance.”

Check out the video below and go to Jordin’s Excedrin interview here for more.

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