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Family Details Lessons from 100 Days on Junk Food-Free Diet

The Leake family thrived after 100 days on a junk food-free diet.
The Leake family thrived after 100 days on a junk food-free diet.

A North Carolina family went 100 days without eating any processed foods and dramatically improved their physical and emotional health as a result.

Food blogger Lisa Leake, a dietitian and nutritionist, detailed her family’s junk food-free diet journey in her book, 100 Days of Real Food.

Leake, who writes the popular food blog, 100 Days of Real Food, was inspired to eliminate processed junk foods after reading Michael Pollan’s bestseller, In Defense of Food. Pollan famously said the optimal diet for health and weight loss comes down to seven simple words: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Lisa said she was shocked to discover that her family’s diet included so many highly processed foods, including boxed macaroni and cheese, white bread and factor-farmed meats (which are pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics).

Leake set out to prove that a typical American family could survive (and thrive) on real food, so her family spent 100 days avoiding sugar, white flour and all packaged foods.

Lisa, her husband Jason, and their two daughters experienced dramatically improved energy, natural weight loss, migraine relief, and better overall health, including improved cholesterol readings.

Leake learned that eating whole foods was easier than shehad  expected, did not cost much more than cheap, processed foods, and that junk food cravings stopped once she stopped eating. What’s more, real food tastes better, she said. Lisa shared her all healthy, delicious recipes in her book, 100 Days of Real Food.

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