Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Diet and Workout Secrets

Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Diet and Workout Secrets Nicole Scherzinger is healthy after a 10-year bulimia battle.
Nicole Scherzinger is healthy after a 10-year bulimia battle.
Nicole Scherzinger is healthy after a 10-year bulimia battle.

Nicole Scherzinger has a sizzling bikini body, thanks to a healthy, balanced diet and rigorous cross-training workouts, Examiner reported.

Scherzinger’s trainer, Svava Sigbertsdottir, said her Viking Method workout involves short bursts of cardio combined with functional resistance training.

Sigbertsdottir, creator of the Viking Method, said Scherzinger’s workout is not about losing weight and being skinny, but about being strong and improving agility and grace. Still, their exercise sessions burn lots of calories.

“Nicole likes to sweat,” said Svava. “She wants to feel worn out at the end of a session, so a mix of kick boxing or ballet moves and functional toning such as body drags and plank reaches is perfect for her. The workouts are challenging but fun.”

Scherzinger is healthy and well these days after overcoming a harrowing 10-year battle with the eating disorder bulimia. She said she empathizes with people who struggle with inner demons because she has battled them herself.

“[Bulimia] is such a horrible paralyzing disease and it was such a dark time for me,” Nicole told Cosmo UK. “That’s why I can empathize so much with people who have demons and voices in their heads, who aren’t nice to themselves. I felt so alone.”

Nicole said she binge-ate and vomited every day for almost 10 years, which heightened her poor self-esteem and insecurities. Scherzinger was the lead singer of the pop-girl group the Pussycat Dolls for seven years (2003-2008 and 2009-2010), but never shared her bulimia struggle with her band mates or family.

She said she began binge-eating and purging every day after she was told to lose weight when she first joined the band. The bulimia lasted for about a decade, but Nicole eventually overcame it through lots of therapy.

Scherzinger said the fear of damaging her voice was a turning point. Despite her stunning exotic beauty, Nicole said part of her insecurities stemmed from growing up a dark-skinned Polynesian in the homogeneous Midwest, where she often felt out of place and “less than” because of her mixed-race background.

Now stronger mentally and emotionally, Scherzinger follows a healthy diet and stays in shape with regular exercise, including lots of circuit-training and 30-to-45-minute runs twice a week. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian (who credits a low carb ketogenic diet and corset waist training for her 56-pound weight loss) follow low-carb diets, Nicole eats plenty of healthy carbs.

“I don’t avoid carbs,” said Scherzinger. “I’ve been on every single kind of diet in the world and none of them work. Eventually your body wants carbs, so when you have them it sticks to you because it’s not used to carbs. That’s how it was for me.”

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