Kate Hudson’s Low Carb Diet and Yoga Workout Secrets

Kate Hudson’s Low Carb Diet and Yoga Workout Secrets Kate Hudson talks diet, exerciise, fitness. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Kate Hudson credits a low-carb diet, Pilates and yoga workouts for her stunning bikini body, and slammed rumors she’s suffering from an eating disorder.

Hudson, who lost 70 pounds after both her pregnancies, said she’s the polar opposite of someone who has anorexia or bulimia, Examiner reported.

“If there is one thing I will never have, it is an eating disorder,” Kate told Red. “I won’t have girls — even if it is just one or two who care — thinking that. Because it is a serious sickness, not something to plaster on the cover of a magazine. And I am the opposite.”

Hudson is adamant about denying the eating disorder speculation because she wants to be a positive fitness role model for young women, saying it’s important for girls to develop a healthy body image and love themselves no matter what their weight.

“I want girls to love themselves,” said Hudson, who recently launched her own fitness apparel line. “I want them to feel good about who they are.”

While Kate has a sizzling bikini body now, she gained about 70 pounds during both her pregnancies (in 2011 and 2004). Judging by her slim physique, it’s hard to believe the 5-foot-6 Hudson once weighed 184 pounds, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported. Hudson said losing the baby weight was extremely hard, and that she exercised up to six hours a day to work off the excess pounds.

Worked Out 6 Hours a Day for 70-Pound Weight Loss

Kate maintains her weight loss by following a low-carb diet that totals about 1,800 calories a day (or 1,500 when she’s trying to drop a few pounds). She also does an elimination diet or juice cleanse twice a year.

While she no longer works out for hours every day, Hudson maintains an active lifestyle because exercise makes her feel good. Hudson’s workout regimen includes Pilates (which she has done since age 19), dancing, running and jumping rope. Kate is also a devoted fan of yoga, which she said tones her muscles and quiets her mind.

Kate has always loved working out, saying she doesn’t feel good when she’s inactive. The blonde beauty also said she’d rather exercise than starve herself, which is why workouts are an important part of her daily routine.

Hudson’s mom, actress Goldie Hawn, is equally devoted to health and fitness. Despite Hawn’s laid-back image, Hudson said her mother was a strict parent.

“Oh, if there were drugs being smoked in our house I would have gotten a wooden spoon upside my head,” said Kate. “They were tough. They were fun, they were cool, but they were not hippy-dippy parents.”

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