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Maria Menounos: 40-Pound Weight Loss, Fitness and Vegetarian Diet

Maria Menounos stays fit with daily workouts and a vegetarian diet.
Maria Menounos stays fit with daily workouts and a vegetarian diet.

Maria Menounos’s bikini-body secrets are a low-carb vegetarian diet and daily workouts.

Menounos previously credited a Mediterranean diet for her 40-pound weight loss, but recently became a vegetarian and feels amazing. “I have more energy and I’m happier,” she said.

Maria’s fitness secrets include daily workouts. She tries to walk 10,000 steps (or about 5 miles) a day. She also runs on the treadmill, takes spinning classes, jumps rope, plays basketball, and does Pilates and Krav Maga martial-arts workouts. Because of her hectic work schedule, Maria doesn’t always have time to hit the gym, so she improvises.

Menounos said her fitness role models include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and celebrity trainers Harley Pasternak and Jillian Michaels. “The Rock [is an inspiration],” said Maria. “That man is a machine.

“Also Harley Pasternak and Jillian Michaels. We always make so many excuses. These people remind me that they’re just as busy and they’re figuring it out.”

Pasternak, author of The Body Reset Diet, is responsible for Jessica Simpson’s 70-pound weight loss. Jillian, author of Slim for Life, has helped hundreds of morbidly obese people lose thousands of pounds as a trainer on “The Biggest Loser” since 2004.

At 36, Maria said the time has come to start the next chapter of her life. “I’m finally ready to have children,” said Menounos, who has been dating producer Keven Undergaro since 1998.

The size-4 Menounos shared her weight loss, diet and workouts secrets in her book, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness.

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