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Tory Johnson Shares Secrets to 80-Pound Weight Loss In ‘The Shift’

Tory Johnson lost 80 pounds after making 'The Shift.'

Tory Johnson lost 80 pounds after making ‘The Shift.’

“Good Morning America” contributor Tory Johnson said a simple mental shift helped her lose 80 pounds and get in the best shape of her life.

Johnson began her weight loss journey last year after being told by an ABC News executive that she could lose her TV job if she didn’t slim down.

Tory said that conversation motivated her to immediately start a low-carb diet and begin exercising regularly. Johnson detailed her weight loss transformation in her New York Times bestseller, The Shift.

“She never used the words ‘fat, diet or obesity,’ but her message was clear: I needed to lose weight,” Tory said on the Dr. Oz Show. “Let’s face it: on TV, looks matter. In my own way, I took her words to mean ‘lose weight or lose your job,’ even though she didn’t come close to making that threat.”

Tory, who had struggled with weight her entire life, said losing weight is a mental process more than a physical one.

Seeing food as fuel (instead of something to turn to when she’s bored or unhappy) helped Tory embrace healthy eating as a lifestyle, not a short-term fix.

In addition to eating less and making healthier choices, Johnson began running in Central Park a few days a week and now walks on the treadmill in her bedroom.

The once sedentary recently began using the Rebel treadmill desk, which enables her to do work while standing and walking instead of sitting. Recent scientific studies show that too much sitting has been linked to heart attacks and early death.

Johnson feels and looks amazing and said it’s never too late to get healthy and fit. She made the shift, and so can you.

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