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Yoga Fan Russell Simmons Says Meditation Can Make You Rich

Russell Simmons says meditation and yoga can make you happy and rich.

Russell Simmons says meditation and yoga can make you happy and rich.

Rap mogul Russell Simmons says meditation and yoga can make you rich, successful and happy.

Simmons, who’s worth a reported $325 million, said he never felt truly happy or successful until he learned to calm his mind through the daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Since embracing these two habits, Russell experienced effortless weight loss and found the clarity and peace of mind that had escaped him despite his incredible success as the founder of Def Jam records and the clothing lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture and American Classics.

In his new book, Success Through Stillness, Russell said you can achieve fame, fortune and emotional peace by meditating at least 20 minutes a day.

He said quieting his mind through meditation dramatically improved his health and made him more able to control his emotions not an easy feat for a multi-millionaire who juggles numerous projects on a daily basis.

Russell, 56, said the surrender that comes from meditation was liberating. “Meditation has made me realize the futility of getting worked up about things I can’t control–which is essentially everything,” he wrote.

Simmons, who adopted a vegan diet shortly after he began practicing yoga, said when you quiet your mind, you easily attract all the success and money you want. Meditation changes you from the inside out, said Simmons, who also wrote the bestseller, Super Rich.

“So much of our anxiety comes from the tendency to get entangled in the past and the future,” he said. “When you use meditation to help you live in the moment, so much of that anxiety just washes away.”

Recent studies show that prevents depression, reduces blood pressure, curbs stress and can prevent disease. “A clear, uncluttered mind is always the one that will take you to your highest heights,” wrote Simmons.

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