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The Secret to Happiness Is Striving Toward Meaningful Goals

Pursuing meaningful goals is the key to happiness, says expert.

Pursuing meaningful goals is the key to happiness, says expert.

The true secret to happiness is to pursue meaningful goals, not to chase happiness itself, according to a new book.

Most people who try to pursue happiness rarely succeed, says Chris Guillebeau, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Happiness of Pursuit.

According to Guillebeau, most people have it backwards: Striving for happiness will rarely result in lasting contentment. However, trying to achieve meaningful goals that engage and inspire you is what leads to true satisfaction.

Guillebeau, who previously wrote The $100 Startup, is a serial entrepreneur and compulsive goal seeker. While writing “The Happiness of Pursuit,” he set out to visit all the countries on the planet by age 35.

During his incredible 193-country journey, Chris met people from all walks of life pursuing extraordinary goals. These “questers” included a stay-at-home trying to launch a culinary project, a DJ producing the world’s largest symphony, and a teenager crossing an entire ocean by himself.

After speaking with these strivers, Chris began to see how “questing” toward meaningful goals produces happiness. The goals don’t have to be large-scale or super-ambitious, but moreso something that speaks to you as an individual.

The Happiness of Pursuit challenges each of us to identify and pursue the dreams within that make life purposeful and worthwhile.

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