Obesity Scientist Says Secret to Weight Loss Isn’t Dieting But Modifying Your Environment

Obesity Scientist Says Secret to Weight Loss Isn’t Dieting But Modifying Your Environment

slim by design brian wansink weight lossObesity expert Brian Wansink says the secret to weight loss isn’t starvation dieting, but adjusting your environment to prevent mindless eating.

Wansink has studied eating habits for years as the director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. He said how much you eat is frequently dictated by your environment.

“For 90% of us, the solution to mindless eating is not mindful eating. Our lives are just too crazy and our willpower’s too wimpy,” he wrote in his new book, Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions.

Wansink said restaurants and supermarkets intentionally design their layouts to induce you to eat and spend more. Not surprisingly, the corporate emphasis on the bottom line has resulted in ever-increasing waistlines among consumers.

Brian said minor, simple modifications in your home can help you lose weight naturally and become more mindful of making healthier food choices. Wansink previously discussed how mindless eating has contributed to the epidemic of obesity in his bestseller, Mindless Eating.

For instance, Wansink said people who walk through their kitchen first when they come home are more likely to weigh more than those who enter their house through another room.

Another way to be “slim by design” is eat from a plate that’s a different color than your food. Wansink’s research shows that you’re likely to eat 18% more if your plate matches the hue of your meal. Brian recently shared his other weight loss tips on the Dr. Oz Show.

Also, simply keeping food off your kitchen counter (out of sight, out of mind) helps you eat much less than if snacks are placed visibly throughout your home. These little tips can add up to inches and pounds over the course of months and years.

Fortunately, little adjustments are all it takes to take control of your weight and your life, said Wansink. Find out more of his weight loss tips in Slim by Design.

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