Walking Reigns Supreme For Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

Walking Reigns Supreme For Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

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Walking is the superfood of fitness, say weight loss experts.

Scientist Katy Bowman said walking is the best overall exercise for weight loss and health because it involves total-body movement, is free and convenient.

“Walking is a superfood,” Bowman wrote in her book Move Your DNA.

While most people think a 30-minute gym workout can offset the 10 to 12 hours of sitting most people do on a daily basis, Bowman, a biomechanist, said this is simply not true.

But taking short 5- or 10-minute walking breaks promotes weight loss, keeps your metabolism fired up and can offset the damage that marathon sitting sessions take on your health.

Fitness expert Leslie Sansone, creator of the Walk at Home exercise DVD, agrees. Leslie has helped thousands of people get off their couches, lose weight and dramatically improve their health with this simple activity.

Sansone said the best part is, walking is an activity anyone can do regardless of age or physical fitness level.

A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise indicates that you don’t need to walk for hours at a time to undo the unhealthy effects of sitting all day.

A simple 5-minute walk for every hour you spend sitting could offset the damaging effects sitting does to your arteries.

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