Ketogenic Diet Expert Credits Low Carb High Fat Diet for 180-Pound Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet Expert Credits Low Carb High Fat Diet for 180-Pound Weight Loss

ketogenic diet weight loss jimmy mooreHealth blogger and author Jimmy Moore credits the low carb, high-fat ketogenic diet for his incredible 180-pound weight loss and improved health.

In an exclusive interview, Moore discussed how eating more fat and cutting carbs helped him lose weight, improve his cholesterol and take control of his health.

Jimmy, who once tipped the scales at 410 pounds, now weighs about 230 pounds, thanks to the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is a low carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet that drastically reduces daily carb intake and amps up fat consumption.

Moore, 42, said eating more fat not only helped him lose weight, but boosted his energy, eliminated nagging carb cravings, and improved his cholesterol profile.

“Saturated fat actually raises your good cholesterol the best of all the foods you can eat,” said Jimmy, who detailed his research in his book, Keto Clarity.

Moore is a leader in the growing LCHF movement, which has been buoyed by recent medical reports touting the many health benefits of unprocessed saturated fat.

Jimmy joins a long list of health and medical experts who agree that unprocessed saturated fat does not cause obesity, diabetes, or heart disease. To the contrary, research confirms that eating unprocessed saturated fat actually prevents weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, depression and even Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists also say the ketogenic diet starves cancer.

“Fat is your friend,” said neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain. “The brain thrives on a fat-rich, low-carb diet. Carbs are devastating for the brain.”

More research now concludes that carbs — not fat — are the cause of weight gain and inflammation-fueled diseases. Dr. James DiNicolantonio, a cardiovascular research scientist, recently made headlines after saying the 40-year demonization of saturated fat was based on flawed data and that a high-carb diet is responsible for weight gain, heart attacks, high cholesterol, and early mortality.

“There is no conclusive proof that a low-fat diet has any positive effects on health,” DiNicolantonio wrote in BMJ. “The public fear that saturated fat raises cholesterol is completely unfounded.”

Dr. Jeff Volek, a dietitian and professor at Ohio State University, agrees. Volek, author of the Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living, told me consuming a low-carb diet high in unprocessed saturated fat reverses type 2 diabetes, prevents heart disease, and fuels rapids weight loss. “There are very few people that a ketogenic diet could not help,” said Volek, who has followed a ketogenic diet for the past 20 years.

Jimmy, who also wrote Cholesterol Clarity, said he’s no longer a slave to nagging carb cravings and typically consumes about 20 grams of carbs a day. That may sound restrictive to some, but Moore insists his high-fat diet — which typically consists of eggs, avocados, bacon, sour cream, and full-fat cheese — satisfies him completely.

“Sometimes I actually forget to eat,” he said. “It’s freeing to not be burdened with the need to eat every three to four hours, like most people do.”

In his new book, Keto Clarity, Moore and co-author Dr. Eric Westman reveal how you can lose weight and prevent depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease and with the ketogenic diet.

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