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Internet Thieves Arkadiusz Jadczyk and Laura Knight Jadczyk Think Copyright Infringement Is Funny

Internet Thieves Arkadiusz Jadczyk and Laura Knight Jadczyk Think Copyright Infringement Is Funny
Internet thieves Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her husband Arkadiusz Jadczyk are senior citizens who enjoy infringing copyright and stealing content. Click on this photo to report them.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk and husband Arkadiusz Jadczyk run a pseudo-science website called Signs of the Times whose content is nothing more than copied and pasted articles (in their entirety) from other legitimate websites and news sources.

While most respectable website owners would comply to cease and desist requests concerning flagrant copyright infringement (which they readily admit to), these lazy, over-the-hill clowns think Internet theft is a joke and they’re entitled to steal content whenever they feel like.

They reply to cease and desists letters by accusing rightful copyright owners of being “authoritarian” and greedy despite the fact that they’re blatantly STEALING content, and have been for years. Their initial reply to my cease and desist email was to remove my byline.

They also can’t tell the difference between a Department of Justice “wallet” (um….what the hell is that?) and an ID badge.

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but the same can’t be said of outright theft, which is merely an admission on the Jadczyk’ parts that they can’t produce decent original content on their own.

Laura and Arkadiusz’s lack of integrity and ethics is obvious to anyone who peruses the pathetic site. If you’re a writer and any of your articles appear on SOTT, you should report them to Google, Bing and Yahoo for copyright violation. Parasites like these must be stopped.

It’s an open-and-shut case, as the entire website is page upon page of infringed articles and photos–none of which they got permission to republish. Plus, they don’t deny their thievery but claim they do so in the name of “science.”

Ironically, they have the gall to post a copyright infringement warning on one of their projects (see below), where they warn that “posting of the Cassiopaean Transcripts without permission from the owners constitutes not only infringement, but is actionable in Federal Court as well as the courts of the State of Florida under the above terms.”

Despite their dire warnings, they freely copy and paste entire articles without permission from copyright holders and use unauthorized photos on SOTT.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk, an obese chain-smoker, calls herself “a historian/mystic and author of 14 books and many articles published in print and on the internet.” Her sad sack of a husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, describes himself as a “theoretical physicist.”

Laura Knight Jadczyk is an obese chain smoker who enjoys stealing online content.

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