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Missy Elliott: Shaun T Workout Videos and Low-Carb Diet Fueled 30-Pound Weight Loss

Missy Elliott: Shaun T Workout Videos and Low-Carb Diet Fueled 30-Pound Weight Loss

Missy Elliott attributed her incredible 30-pound weight loss to a low-carb diet and Shaun T workout videos, Examiner reported.

Elliott made the revelation on Twitter Oct. 19, 2014, and denied tabloid speculation that she had lost 70 pounds.

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“Didn’t lose 70 pounds. That was during my ‘Under Construction‘ album,” Missy tweeted.

“This time I lost 30 eating healthy/work out to @ShaunTFitness T25 videos. I do the Insanity workout. Sweets/bread/ fried foods is my weakness. It’s not easy but health comes 1st :)”

Elliott lost 71 pounds back in 2002 after being warned by a doctor that she could have a stroke if she didn’t lose weight. Missy has since made a healthy diet and regular workouts a part of her daily routine.

Missy was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder, back in 2008. Graves disease attacks the thyroid and can cause weight loss, anxiety and heart palpitations.

Eliott initially treated her Graves’ disease with medication, but said she manages it now through diet and exercise.

Shaun T’s celebrity clients include Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Shaun T said focused interval training is the secret to his fat-blasting workout.

The key is to work large muscles to fatigue and then do the same with another body part. This way, you tone muscles while also getting a cardio workout. Shaun T recommends exercising 25 minutes a day, but said a 5-minute booster can fire up your metabolism and aid weight loss.

Shaun T is also the creator of the bestselling Rockin’ Body workout DVD.

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