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MasterChef Graham Elliot Lost 155 Pounds After Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

masterchef graham elliot weight loss surgery“MasterChef” star Graham Elliot is thrilled with his 155-pound weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery, and doesn’t care about critics who say he took the “easy way out.”

Elliot, 37, makes no apologies for undergoing weight loss surgery because he has three young sons and a wife who depend on him to be healthy.

“I have three boys and I got to 400 pounds and realized I literally couldn’t keep going on like that,” said Graham.

The 6-foot-1 Elliot, who once weighed 400 pounds, got gastric-sleeve surgery in July 2013. Elliot said he no longer binge-eats because he’s no longer physically able to consume as much food as he used to.

Graham also works out every other day and runs regularly. He recently completed his first marathon, the 2014 Chicago Marathon, in an impressive time of six hours.

In the gastric-sleeve surgery, three-quarters of the stomach is removed to create a small sleeve-shaped stomach, about the size of a banana. Rosie O’Donnell lost 64 pounds after getting gastric sleeve surgery in July 2013.

Like Elliott, O’Donnell also slams critics who call bariatric surgery the “easy way out.” “Once you have the surgery, it’s not a magic pill,” said Rosie.

Bariatric surgery has skyrocketed in popularity, as more medical experts embrace the procedure for producing dramatic weight loss and for reversing diabetes and heart disease.

There are a lot of emotional issues that accompany dramatic weight loss, according to Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies, which proves that losing weight is as much of an emotional journey as a physical one.

Elliot has been a judge on “MasterChef” since 2010, alongside Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay, author of Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking.

They share 100 of their favorite recipes in MasterChef: The Ultimate Cookbook.

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