Pippa Middleton’s Hot Body Diet and Workout Secrets Revealed

Pippa Middleton’s Hot Body Diet and Workout Secrets Revealed

pippa middleton diet workoutPippa Middleton, the sexy younger sister of Kate Middleton, stays fit by following a healthy diet and working out 3 to 5 days a week, doing Pilates and running.

Pippa doesn’t believe in extreme diets or excessive exercise, saying moderation is her fitness secret. Middleton made the revelations in a new fitness column she’s penning for England’s Waitrose magazine.

While many celebrities have hopped on the low carb bandwagon and embrace the Paleo, ketogenic and Atkins diets for weight loss, Middleton prefers her own version of a sensible diet that limits bread and pasta.

“I’ve never done Dukan, attempted Atkins or exercised religiously seven days a week,” she wrote. “But I do believe in making healthy choices — keeping refined carbs such as white bread and pasta to a minimum, and sticking to sensible portion sizes.

pippa middleton“I grew up with the belief that good health is about moderation in all things, so I’ll be celebrating healthy living through exercise, a balanced diet and a little of the naughty stuff sprinkled in — I’m talking chocolate, crisps and the occasional glass of wine.”

Pippa said regular exercise is a part of her healthy lifestyle, saying working out makes her look and feel her best.

“I know that if I fit in at least three, ideally five, sessions of exercise a week, be it a 30 minute run, an hour’s walk or a good game of tennis, it boosts my mood and energy, and helps me sleep and digest better,” wrote Middleton.

“So I make it a priority, whatever the weather or my work schedule. It’s about finding the balance that works for you, your work and your family, so good health is simple, real and achievable without being a ‘my body is a temple’ bore.”

Pippa previously revealed she does Pilates workouts, and credited that for her lean bikini body. Pilates is an excellent low-impact way to lose weight and tone your entire body, said Brooke Siler, author of the Pilates Body.

Middleton said she keeps her glutes toned by focusing on four key exercises: ladders, plie squats, wall pushes and the classic plank (see graphic above).

“Do the routine three times a week and you’ll really notice a difference,” wrote Pippa, author of Celebrate: A Year of Festivities.

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