Skeletal Tara Reid Poses Nude: Denies Anorexia Despite Shocking Weight Loss

In 2004, Tara Reid accidentally exposed her deformed nipples (the result of botched plastic surgery) at P. Diddy's birthday party in NYC.
In 2004, Tara Reid accidentally exposed her deformed nipples (the result of botched plastic surgery) at P. Diddy’s birthday party. (Getty Images)

Tara Reid showed off her anorexic-looking nude body on New Year’s Eve while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico.

“Happy New Year,” Tara wrote in the caption to her nude Instagram photo.

Reid added that she was vacationing with “my amazing boyfriend who I adore,” but did not identify who her boyfriend was. Tara previously dated DJ Erez Eisen.

Over the years, Reid’s skeletal physique has fueled rumors she’s suffering from the eating disorder anorexia. However, she denied being anorexic, TheImproper reported.

“I’m just a small-boned girl,” said Tara. “I eat, I eat, I eat.”

Reid received an avalanche of negative comments after posting a bikini photo to Twitter, with critics saying she looks dangerously skinny, anorexic and sick.

An angry Reid lashed out, saying celebrities can’t win either way, because they get slammed for gaining weight and for losing too much weight.

“Some people that eat too much, you yell at them that they’re fat,” said Tara. “You want to get mad at me because I’m skinny? Great, get mad at me. I am what I am.”

Anorexia rumors have trailed Tara Reid for years. When she first became famous after starring in the 1999 blockbuster, American Pie, Tara was an up-and-coming ingenue with a promising Hollywood future.

However, since then Reid has made headlines for her botched plastic surgeries, alcohol and drug addictions, and dramatic weight loss.

Tara famously suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at P Diddy’s 35th birthday bash in New York back in 2004. The photos spotlighted her botched breast implant plastic surgeries, with tabloids commenting on her deformed nipples.

“I never thought I would have nipples that looked like this,” said Reid. “I was smiling like a fool and people were snapping away. I was on the Web sites as having the ugliest boobs in the world.”

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