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DASH Diet Voted No. 1 On Best Diets List: Aids Weight Loss and Health

The DASH Diet was rated the best diet for the fifth year in a row by US News and World Report.
The DASH Diet was rated the best diet for the fifth consecutive year by US News and World Report.

The DASH Diet was ranked the best diet for health and weight loss for the fifth year in a row.

The diet rankings, published in U.S. News and World Report, are based on reviews by nutrition, weight loss and heart health experts.

For 2015, the report reviewed 41 diets for its effectiveness at promoting heart health, aiding weight loss and preventing diseases such as diabetes.

None of the experts has any financial ties to the diet industry, Angela Haupt, a senior editor at U.S. News and World Report.

The guidelines for The DASH Diet (which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) include the following:

Coming in at No. 2 was the TLC Diet (or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes). The TLC Diet, which was created by the National Institutes of Health, was rated particularly high for promoting heart health. “It is a very healthful, complete, safe diet,” said one expert.

The 2015 Best Diets List For Overall Health:

1. DASH diet

2. TLC diet (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes)

3. Mediterranean diet

3. Mayo Clinic diet (tie)

3. Weight Watchers (tie)

6. Flexitarian

6. Volumetrics (tie)

8. Jenny Craig

9. Biggest Loser diet

9. Dean Ornish diet (tie)

11. Traditional Asian diet

11. Vegetarian (tie)

13. Anti-inflammatory diet

13. Slimfast (tie)

13. Spark Solution diet (tie)

16. Flat Belly diet

16. Nutrisystem (tie)

18. Abs diet

18. Engine 2 diet (tie)

18. South Beach diet (tie)

18. Vegan diet (tie)

22. Eco-Atkins diet

22. Glycemic index diet (tie)

22. Zone diet (tie)

25. Macrobiotic diet

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