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Teacher Ryan Blocker’s 350-Pound Weight Loss In 2 Years Was Due To HMR Diet

Missouri teacher Ryan Blocker lost 350 pounds in two years on the HMR Diet.
Missouri teacher Ryan Blocker lost 350 pounds on the HMR Diet.

Missouri teacher Ryan Blocker feels incredible after undergoing a 350-pound weight loss in two years on the HMR Diet.

Blocker who once weighed 550 pounds, told KFVS 12 in Lilbourn, Missouri, he was so fat he relied on three different blood pressure medications to get through the day.

Ryan, a high school band director, decided to take control of his health in August 2012, after nearly collapsing while directing the high school band for their annual homecoming parade.“By the end of the block I was at the back of the band and seeing spots and I couldn’t catch my breath,” said Blocker. “And I had to just stop.

“I know I was heading down a bad path, it was a matter of time. You don’t live for 20 years at that weight.”

Blocker, 30, credits the HMR Diet (Health Management Resources) for his eye-popping 350-pound weight loss in two years.

The HMR Diet, which was rated the No. 2 weight loss diet for 2015 by U.S. News and World Report, involves reducing calories via meal replacement and increasing physical activity. 

Ryan consumed pre-made meals, started exercising and attended group nutrition classes. Over the course of 24 months, Blocker’s waistline whittled down from 56 inches to 32. Ryan said he went public with his weight loss to inspire other obese people to take control of their health.

‘Obesity is a problem,” said Blocker. “Working in schools and just walking through town you see it. If I can help them out or inspire them or give them information on how to eat better I’m glad to do it.”

Blocker added:  “I feel like I owe that to them. I mean, I was terrible to myself. I might as well help somebody else out.”

Ryan has changed so much former students no longer recognize him. He often has to show his driver’s license to prove he’s Mr. Blocker.

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